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  1. It's been great fun posting on this excellent forum. Yours truly never expected to reach 5,000 posts on a messageboard devoted to bags! Not that I have talked about bags all that much lately. Enough of the waffling, I would like to thank Megs and Vlad, the mods and of course the wonderful posters here for keeping me entertained and informed on all sorts of stuff. I do realise that in the last several months I've been going on and on about Etsy - and this post is no exception. It's about EtsyforAnimals (EFA), which to quote from their website:


    "is a street team or group of artists and craftspeople on Etsy.com who donate some portion of their sales to animal rescues and charities."

    Here are some of the items sold by members of EFA:

    art4milkbones - leash holder



    kirstenlovesdinner - crocheted pretty kitty and small dog bed



    lobos - pooch pack



    nomorenekkiddogs - dino joggers



    natorious - cat tie



    creaturecomfort - bone appetit dog bowl



    SuperFunPetStuff - organic catnip critter



    And not forgetting the human members of the family, how about one of BabastudioPrague's lovely silk bags?

    The Persian Swordswoman


    Hope you'll take a look at the above shops as well as some of the other members of EFA (around 160 of them so far). Thanks!
  2. Congrats on your big 5000! Thanks for the etsy animals info, too!
  3. Congrats on 5,000 posts!!! I love the pic of the persian swordswoman, lol!!
  4. Blue_Hour_Girl, thanks!

    vbskull, thanks. It was difficult making a decision - whether to post a pic of that Persian lovely or this magnificent but grumpy-looking specimen :smile:



    EFA's July charity of the month is the British Columbia SPCA Nelson Branch.
  5. Congrats!!!
  6. A big congratulations to you, Cyn! You contribute selflessly to this community--thanks for the pet ideas! Etsy is so large, it's hard to cover more than a small piece of it.

    Hope to see you post another 5000!
  7. Congrats!!!! We love having you around!!:heart::heart:
  8. Congrats girl on 5,000! WOOHOO!
    Thanks for the link they have such cute things!
  9. Couturegrl, boxermom, Danica and SilverSea - thanks! Danica, artworkbyandrea is a member of Etsy for Animals and her work is simply beautiful. Check this out for instance:

    "In the palm of your hands" print ACEO


    $3 plus shipping