5,000 Euros For A Speedy???

  1. okay, i just looked at this auction and was very shocked because the price is over 5,000 euros. am i missing something here? the bag sure is real but why would people pay over 5,000 euros? also, the receipt says it's 1,000 which is not the price for the speedy. really weird...

    here is the link to the auction
  2. if u look carefully its Euro 435 for the receipt

    the 1 euro = 1,0000 EURO ... i dunno why the put it like that

    the seller actually put a starting bit as like $6 only:

    Thursday, January 4, 2007

    5.05000 Euro = 6.68999 US Dollar

    5.05000 US Dollar (USD) = 3.81204 Euro (EUR)
    Interbank rate +/- %
    This means:
    You buy 5.05000 Euro : 6.68999 US Dollar
    You sell 5.05000 Euro : 6.68923 US Dollar

    [SIZE=-1][SIZE=-1]You buy 5.05000 US Dollar : 3.81204 Euro[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1][SIZE=-1]You sell 5.05000 US Dollar : 3.81247 Euro[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    Median price = 1.32460 / 1.32475 (bid/ask)
    Minimum price = 1.31461 / 1.31476
    Maximum price = 1.32895 / 1.32910
  3. ah okay, i just saw the price. but still, over 5,000 euros? and there are 4 days left.
  4. just for the record:

    speedy 25: 420 euros
    speedy 30: 435 euros
    speedy 35: 450 euros

    these prices are for monogram canvas and damier canvas.
  5. thats just currency quote
  6. Hi! I noticed that auction. It started with a fair price, if you see better the one who did the 5,000 and more offer has ZERO feedback. I'm 100% sure it's someone who want to make this auction fail because have same object to sell or just want to do a nasty thing.
    It's from eBay Italia BTW
  7. In Italy we write price like:


    We use . and , in the opposite way of english-speaking countries :smile:
  8. I'm glad to say that Italy is a bit cheaper because speedy 25 is 400 :biggrin:
  9. its way confusing, bleah ... i need a drink ... hahaha
  10. yeah, i know. on italian eBay it's VERY hard to find a real LV. LOL!
  11. okay, then in words: it's five thousand euros or about six thousand five hundred (6,500) US dollars. know what i mean? ;)
  12. thank u :sweatdrop:
  13. I just clicked the link and it's currently at 361 Euros??
  14. ^ yeah, you're right. weirdest auction ever. LOL!
  15. Well, actually that's how they write it there.. :smile: