4th Time's the Charm......new Paddy

  1. IT'S A GREAT DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!! After four tries with different styles of the Paddy, I've finally hit paydirt with the Moka front pocket Paddy. I found it at NMLC San Marcos on Wed., and got it today!! YAH!!
    This one seems lighter, or maybe it's the style seems more balanced, whatever, I think she's going to work. This is my third 'Moka' bag I've tried in the last couple of weeks, and she's the keeper!! The other 2 will go back.
    Not only did I receive my Paddy fast, my Chloe boots that I ordered from the Saks sale came too--not sure about the boots, a little tight, but I hope they will stretch a little. I wear a 9.5 and I received a 39.5 (is that correct??), usually when I buy European, the conversion has been a 40. Pics attached. The true color is without flash......very dark brown.:love:

    paddy bag 001.jpg

    paddy bag 002.jpg

    paddy bag 003.jpg
  2. Congrats, Ilson! Beautiful bag! I've got the same bag from the same place too yesterday. Thanks for sharing the pics. I'm now so happy to see what I'm getting in the mail:yahoo:
  3. Congrats on your Paddy...it's about time, huh? Glad you finally found your match!
  4. I like this one better than the patchwork. I love the color.:love: Congratulations - and what a STEAL! I wanna shop with you.:yes:
  5. congrats on your new paddy!!! it's beautiful...not to mention what a great deal you got her for. :wlae:
  6. ok, now I'm jealous...what a beauty and a great deal....as for the boots wait and see I guess...
  7. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I love your paddy congrats!
  8. Congrats! - I have a front pocket paddy in blue nuit and it does feel much lighter than my regular paddy. I love your moka color!
  9. Blue nuit:nuts: I would love to see pics of that baby, I bet she's gorgeous!!!!!
  10. great paddy!
  11. congrats on your perfect paddy! I love this paddy style it holds a lot and fits comfortable on the shoulder
  12. Oh my!! :drool: It's gorgeous!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!
  13. She's marvelous, much better than the Patch. We would love to see modeling pics!!!

    Sorry about the boots, with them being a little tight that makes me nervous? Subconciously you may not wear them because you'll associate these boots with pain? I clomp all day in mine and they are not tight. They never were. I wear a 39 and I am a true size 9, at least in Chloe boots. With their wedges I have to go up a half a size.

    Nonethe less I would love to see modeling pics of those babies as well. Am I asking for the world??? I'm sorry...
  14. Ok, Ok, I'll dress up for ya!! Maybe tomorrow, or whenever I can get it together to take pics.:smile:

  15. Come on I did it!! Twisted my poor elderly mother's arm to help and everything.:upsidedown: