4th of July shopping spree results

  1. Uh oh. Went shopping for a gift for a friend and ended up with a gift for me! The MJ Amy Hobo in black. Jill, don't you have that one, too? Anyone else have it? Do you love it? I MUST STOP! Have a Hudson in Chili on the way to my local Nordies so I can check it out. I'll report back once I see it IRL.
  2. that's a great 4th of july gift for yourself! can you post pics?
  3. You've been busy girl! LOL! Is she a keeper?
    Amy Hobo doesn't do it for it, I don't like the long zippers and the flap too much.

    I'm free now so I'm answering for Jill. =) I don't think Jill got Amy Hobo (read about Jill liking Sporty Tote), better not temp her with another bag. =) She's considering Hudson in Chocolate or Chili. ^_^
  4. That's the new hobo, isn't it? If so I adore that bag! Congrats!
  5. oooh cant wait for picts!!
  6. I love that bag! Enjoy!
  7. Nordstroms.COM said the Hudson wasnt in the store yet and could ONLY be ordered over the phone thru internet sales?Then I would have to pay tax...stinks..What Nordstroms has it in?
  8. Hi, all! Okay, cookout's over... our friends have gone home... so I put all my stuff in my new bag, and LOVE the space, but the only bad thing is that when it's full, it comes together at the top like if you picture a letter "U" with the top two sides touching. Hmmm... will ponder whether to keep. Anybody care to weigh in? LOVE that it's a shoulder OR handheld bag because the strap is adjustable. Have a black (non-patent) quilted bowler on the way, and may wait 'til it arrives and choose between the two. What grabbed me about the Amy Hobo was that the lining is suede (YUMMY!) and it holds a lot, but is still soft and can be kind of tossed about casually. I love my black Stam, and WILL keep it, but have found it a bit formal on my most casual days (which are rare, since usually smart casual is as dressed down as I get).

    My other issue... is the Amy Hobo too much like the my black LE Stella?
  9. NO! Its not at all too similiar as the Stella!Not even close..Thanks for the info-I am calling them tomorrow..I am ordering a new bag this week if it kills me!LOL!..decisions...decisions...LMAO!
  10. Agree with Jill, Amy Hobo & Stella are completely different styles. =) If you are unsure about Hobo, don't keep it. Only the quilted styles don't have suede linings, most of the smooth leather bags still come with suede linings. Which type of hardware does your Stella have? Stella with pushlocks is less casual to me, I think it can go with suits.

    Jill, going for Chili Hudson? I thought this style isn't available yet? BG online is taking pre-order only.
  11. Nordstroms.com has them in stock in Chili
  12. My Stella is the LE version with the buckles in the brass hardware (dull, not shiny).
  13. I-c. Yeah, I think the dull buckles do give the bag a casual look. Would you consider getting the version with shiny pushlocks? Or would multiple ones be too much? If that's the case, another style will do then. =)
  14. Oooooh really Jill? Going for it?
  15. Say goodbye to Amy. Took her back today. Just didn't like how it was hard to get in and out of it while wearing it, and when you take it off, the top collapses on itself and you feel like you're on a fishing expedition trying to get into it. So back it went. Waiting now on my Chili Hudson to come, so I can make a decision on whether to keep it. Meantime, got out my trusty white Stella today... as we are off to Vermont for a long weekend tomorrow.