4th of July Sale

  1. ^^No Kidding chez.
    It's like they WANT us to sleep!!:sad:
  2. Ahhhhh...the good old days. Remember how we'd save up just for this one particular sale and then still spend more money then we planned...

    At least they are making it easy to exercise self control.
  3. I loved the Big Bang sale! I remember being on the road (pretty remote, northern NM) during one and having my sister call me because the Lead Lido popped up as one of the hourly thingies... She bought it for me while I was driving :biggrin:
  4. I soooooo miss the big bangs!!!! That was super fun! Remember uncle erol? How we dissed him? Then sort of got to like him again?
  5. Erol was Sandy Frink in Romy and Michelle's HS Reunion! Comes back in a helicopter to show them all up.
  6. Yes! I even took Uncle erol to the beach as my date last summer. We made out on the sand.
  7. :roflmfo:

    Ahahaha, oh how we loved to pick on Errrrolllll!!! He came up sooo often! And now he's never around on Bonbay!
  8. OMG - we are desperate fools, waxing poetic over Uncle EROL! Oh how we dissed him - and I was one of many to show utter disdain for him. Of course now, we long for him.
    Such is life.

    I did spit out the fizzy water in my mouth upon reading your post.:loots:

    Now, I am just utterly bored with the "new" HH........ Le Sigh*
  9. i lubs my erol....every time I think of getting rid of him, a little voice says "da hell you thinking?"
  10. aw poor erol. I think I was only around for later big bangs which apparently not as good as the earlier ones.
  11. I loved all the "creative" code stacking. You gals were great and nobody at that time stacked better than HH! We all got some smokin' deals back then. :p

    Missed out on lover boy Erol. It's like the guy you thought would always "be there" for you.
  12. Waaaaah, the code stack combos were the greAtest!!!
  13. And SUCH a greAt way to "escape" from the munchkin drama, too!!!
  14. i love my erols. i have a big one (green) and a little one (yellow). wish they'd made a medium size.

    big bangs were so fun. i remember furtively checking each hour at work, which was harder back then since i didn't have a smart phone. one of my fave big bang buys was the josephine dress.

    i just tried looking back through my gmail at the old BB emails but they aren't viewable anymore :sad: