4th of July purchases

  1. These were purchased during the 4th of July sale but finally decided to post pics. It was a good shopping day. :yes:


    Ladybug straw tote
    Khaki gold Hamptons hobo
    Raspberry Chelsea hobo
    Pink agenda
    Floral scarf
    White coin purse (ladybug keyfob purchased previously)
  2. Very cute items!! Looks like you had a blast shopping!! :biggrin:
  3. Adorable! :girlsigh: Enjoy!
  4. Ooh! I love everything, congratulations!
  5. Congrats..Love the detailing of the straw tote. Thanks for sharing
  6. LOVE the rasberry!! and the coin purse!! i never knew they made that :sad: love everything, and enjoy that agenda, i have the one thats not a darker shade of pink but a bit more raspberry maybe? with a purple trim and im happy to say i havent missed an appointment yet! love it and hope you will too! wear those goodies in good health!
  7. may i ask what outlet you bought these from?
  8. I looooovvvvee all of them!
  9. I love the gold hobo. =)
  10. I really like the ladybug, and Im so tempted to get an agenda! Yours is adorable!
  11. I have the Khaki gold Hamptons hobo too (the large sz) and I love it! Enjoy it, it's a great bag =D

    Love your other purchases too, esp your Raspberry Chelsea hobo!
  12. You got a ton of cute stuff at the outlet! I saw that ladybug in my outlet and I was debating getting it as well...
  13. Thanks everyone!

    digby, I just used the Hamptons hobo and it was just the right size. I am wondering if I need the black also, lol.

    aarti, I got the items at the Waikele outlet. The coin purse is so cute. It has a kisslock closure and two compartments rather than one. And in one compartment, there are 2 side pockets that can fit an license and a CC. I think it would make a cute on the go wallet.

    mssmelanie, you should go for it. I wanted it last year and settled for a keyfob because I was just not that sure. When I saw this year with additional discount, I knew it was a go. I've already used it a couple of times and it is such a fun bag.
  14. Nice Stuff!!
  15. Thanks :smile:
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