4th & Final Reveal For January-BAG BAN!!!

May 3, 2009
This is it from me for awhile!!! I was dormant in the winter months due to lack of interest in LV's fall line, I've more than made up for it in January (Azur Neverfull, Amarante PM, Biscuit Mahina, and now the Artsy MM with a lovely bag charm)..

If you find me back on here again hinting that I like something new please tell me to step away from LV!!

The Artsy MM is the perfect size for me, the GM is huge. It does fit on my shoulder and the handle is more comfortable than I thought. I have skinny monkey arms and the top hits underneath my armpit but it stays on my shoulder. The pockets are amazing and I think it will help with organization instead of throwing everything into a black hole. The bag charm was a must, it looks beautiful on the bag...



I woke up like dis
Mar 7, 2006
Ooooh, Congrats! I just asked my SA to text a pic to me of this bag. They just got it in :smile: