$4K Prada Nylon Backpack

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    [FONT=Georgia,Garamond,Times][FONT=Georgia,Garamond,Times](Photo: Hans Gissinger)[/FONT]

    A decade ago, a Prada backpack—a discreet pouch of black nylon—was a signifier of fashionable, functional minimalism. Today, with elaborate handbags approaching the size of parade floats, Prada has revised its approach to the form. This spring’s version is colorful and looks like it could handle a trip up K2 (although it’s more likely going in the overhead luggage compartment) and is big enough to handle all the usual daily stash plus a couple of laptops. For the price, you could hire a Sherpa or two, but “It” bags never come cheap ($3,960 at Prada Soho, 575 Broadway, nr. Prince St.; 212-334-8888).

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  2. LOL..At that price..It ought to walk yer stuff around for ya too...EEK!
  3. That is alot of money.
  4. OK that is ridiculous. I'm sorry, but I don't think it is worth that much. That is one of those times when you REALLY are paying only for the name.
  5. what a waste of money!
  6. Ouch! For a backpack?
  7. wowza!!!
  8. I never knew they offered that at Prada, thanks for letting me know!