$4k Chanel bag sold - BUYER CLAIMS EMPTY BOX

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  2. There was a sig confirmation... Did you not read the post?

  3. best of luck OP, i do hope it gets resolved as un-messy, as possible.

    i hate in situations like this where neither side seems at fault,


  4. well that thread was started on the 30th

    OP is saying the purchase happened over the 4th. it might just be a coincidence.
  5. I wasn't saying that this situation has anything to do with the other. What I am saying is that it's coincidental that two Chanel bags went missing from their packages - just the bag, not the box or papers. I think it's really odd.

  6. Thanks for clarifying
  7. It sounds like she is saying that her SO said he signed for it using HIS name, but that she looked it up and it was her name and not his handwriting?
  8. And in both the situation there buyer lived in the same state.
    The other thread the OP lives in FL and so is the buyer and this OP lives in NY as the buyer.
  9. That has me scratching my head, as well. If the buyer is being honest and open about the situation and is not trying to pull a fast one on the seller, why would she lie? There would be no reason. No accusations here, it just doesn't add up...

    Very curious - I hadn't noticed!
  10. How did she pay?
  11. "I did not sign for the package. I work M-F from 9-
    5 sometimes 9-6 and when the package was delivered
    I was at work. I do not know why the computer says
    XXXXX [edited out recipient's name for privacy reasons] but I can assure I did not sign for the
    package. My SO signed as he works in the evening.
    I called him to ask if he had signed my name once
    I read your message and as I suspected he did not
    sign my name, he signed his own. I had the
    signature emailed to me and while it is not easy
    to make out the signature, it is not mine."

    Well, it ought to be easy enough to contact the PO where the buyer lives and have the supervisor ask the carrier if they remembered who signed for it. If you mention possible postal fraud especially for that amount of $$$$ I am sure they will be more than happy to get right on it!

  12. why did you quote me?
  13. well the buyer will not be able to win with paypal if the seller has proof of the signature confirmation.
  14. Google checkout.

    Agree here!!!
  15. Was the bag insured?

    You need to ask the buyer to take the packaging and all and go to her PO ASAP. She needs to file a complaint with the USPS if her package has been pilfered. $4k is a lot of money so there will be an investigation and things. I am assuming her story checks out. Then you will need to file for insurance on your end.

    The signature thing is possible if her mailman just got lazy and signed her name for her then abandoned her package. It is up to the USPS to investigate it all, however.