$4k Chanel bag sold - BUYER CLAIMS EMPTY BOX

Mar 7, 2006
Hi ladies,

I sold a $4k BNWT Chanel bag to an eBay buyer over the 4th of July weekend and shipped it out yesterday afternoon, Monday 7/6 (3:08 pm per my receipt). Buyer and I are both in NY. The package was successfully delivered by USPS and & signed for today, Tuesday 7/7 (USPS online signature confirmation shows the recipient signature, at 12:49 pm) -- i.e. less than 24 hours after package was accepted at the post office.

I still have the USPS mailing receipt in front of me showing the package weighed 3 lb. 14.20 oz.

This evening at 6:34 pm I get the following email from the buyer which just shocks me to my bones:


I just came home from work to find your package
waiting for me. I opened it up and the only thing
inside is some tissue paper and the purse box. I
really do not know what to think here. There is no
purse, no dustbag, nothing besides the tissue
paper and box. After taking the purse box out of
the box you shipped in I saw that the tape along
the bottom is slashed. One side of the bottom is
completely open while the other is still taped
shut. There is also a gash on the front of the

I tried to call my local PO but of course they are
closed. I have never been in this situation and
honestly I am trying to remain calm but am really
freaking out. This is a lot of money here. Should
we open up an insurance claim? I have no idea what
to do. Please let me know your thoughts on this
situation and what you think we can do to take the
next step.

My mind is just spinning right now and I wonder if this is a $4k scam unfolding before eyes.....in this economy, a $4k scam is beyond what I can take. I've been selling on eBay for 5+ years (Gold PowerSeller, perfect feedback) and most of my sales are very high-value items and NEVER have I encountered this type of a scenario. This is literally a seller's worst nightmare coming true.

Especially suspicious is the fact that the package hasn't even left my possession for over 24 hours......what are the chances of a USPS internal/postal worker theft taking place during this brief period of time? The package was nearly 4 lbs. per my post office receipt, yet the buyer is claiming an empty box with tissue paper? If the box arrived with the tape all slashed open and "one side of the bottom is completely open" why the hell would they sign for it?

I am just beyond incensed right now......thankfully the buyer did not pay by PayPal so I guess they can't pull an immediate INR/SNAD/those types of disputes to freeze my funds.

Any one dealt with this type of scenario before? If it's indeed a situation of USPS internal tampering/postal worker theft, isn't it a federal crime? How does one approach the post office about this? I've used my local post office for years (shipping thousand-dollar packages) and they know me and my family and everyone there has been extremely nice and helpful.....I just can't fathom someone there tampering with a package I'm sending out. Really don't know what to think of right now.
Mar 7, 2006
Here are more messages from the buyer after I responded (with a calm reply stating the facts, weight of the package per my USPS receipt, date/times of receipt/recipient signature....and asking the buyer for more info):


Believe me, I am alarmed as well. I have not had a
ton of purchases on ebay but I have never dealt
with anything like this.

Please do not think that I am trying to accuse you
of wrong doing here. At first before I saw the
slashed bottom I thought maybe you forgot to put
the bag in the box. It seemed unlikely but it
crossed my mind. Once I saw the bottom that
appears to be tampered with I did not place any
blame on you which is why I contacted you first.

I did not sign for the package. I work M-F from 9-
5 sometimes 9-6 and when the package was delivered
I was at work. I do not know why the computer says
XXXXX [edited out recipient's name for privacy reasons] but I can assure I did not sign for the
package. My SO signed as he works in the evening.
I called him to ask if he had signed my name once
I read your message and as I suspected he did not
sign my name, he signed his own. I had the
signature emailed to me and while it is not easy
to make out the signature, it is not mine.

The box was not and is not "falling apart".

The box was not and is not "falling apart". If I
had been the one to sign for the package I do not
think I would have noticted the bottom. Even after
opening the package and taking the purse box out
you really had to look to notice it. I just took
some photos and I will show you what I mean so you
can have a better understanding.

I did not know that insurance will not cover the
purse after it is delivered. My SO & family member
also suggested I open a police report as evidence.
Do you know how I can go about filing a claim with
USPS? I have the day off tomorrow and I hope to
take care of this all then.​


Feb 11, 2007
OMG! Not paypal? how did he/she pay? I just sold $1250 item this morning (shipped today) and this scares me. But I dont understand: Who signed for the package when it was delivered? didnt they see it was empty? I smell the scam. no way it was stolen at the post office.


Sep 6, 2006
i would ask her if the bottom was completely slashed/open why did she sign for the package? i like the tapes that say, inspect package before signing

signing releases it into her custody but before that, it is in the hands of the mailing company and their responsibility

i am so sorry this is happening!

did you pay for insurance? i'd try and claim..

edit- three more posts jumped up after my reply!

if she didn't sign for it and her SO didn't..something sounds fishy..is she in an apt complex where someone else can sign for it?
Mar 7, 2006
If i am not mistaken when they scan it upon delivery it should have the same
weight as when you shipped it.
I would go to the post office and have them look into it.
How did she pay you?

Wow I surely hope the delivery scan shows some type of weight verification (at least one that can be confirmed in their internal database). I absolutely will ask that at the PO tomorrow. I just can't believe I have to waste this kind of time dealing with these types of buyers.....sigh.

The buyer encountered some trouble paying by PayPal (said she had some type of limit and then couldn't add a savings account(?), and then said it wasn't allowing her to use her CC) and ended up paying through Google Checkout.


Mar 5, 2008
Hmmm, I dont know what to make of this. I hate to start harping on the buyer without really having any evidence of her doing wrong. But the way she keeps stating how the box was, makes it seem like she wants a claim against the po to be filed for insurance purposes. Now she very well could be an innocent victim in all this, im not saying she's a crazy scammer, but in this economy people do things they might not otherwise, who's to say she doesnt have the purse, wants it for free, and is nice enough to want you to at least get the insurance money for it. I watch way to many detective shows, I know.


Sep 6, 2006
^it could be that her postal office worker that makes the rounds in her neighborhood is lazy..and signed it for her.

they're suppose to leave a note saying sorry we missed you, its the same damn note i have to sign on when its sig. confirmation delivery (i saw it, when i had one of those delivered to me today).