4D ultrasound

  1. Has anyone got one of these yet? My sister in law came over tonite and brought the DVD of the 4d u/s and the pictures... it's amazing! I cannot wait until 28 weeks so I can do it! There has been some bad press about some of the places that offer it because they're set up in strip malls and stuff, but they actually have it at our OBGYN so I'm very excited. If you have gotten it done, feel free to post the pics :smile: It's so neat :smile:
  2. I did the 4D scan with my son. We did it at 23 weeks then at 32 weeks. It was pretty cool to see him. He gave us a hard time during the 32 week visit because he was always covering his face. We went on 2 seperate occasions because he wouldn't cooperate. He finally did and it was worth it to me.

    Here he is at 23 weeks.

    Here he is at 32 weeks.
  3. wow!
  4. Oh my goodness!!! Yours came out quite a bit clearer than hers did, she said she was having the same problem with the face covering. That one at 32 weeks looks reallyyy clear! Beautiful :smile: :smile:
  5. Yeah, they're amazing... What you see is exactly what your baby will look like, too!
    baby2.JPG baby.jpg
  6. oh my gosh! such beautiful ultrasound pictures and babies!!! My OBGYN also has a 4d machine in his office. I can't wait for my ultrasound!!
  7. Oh wow that is beautiful. I am definatly going to have the 4D ultrasound with my third baby. I cried with the regular ultrasound. I can only imagine how i;m going to react with this one
  8. I have a schedule for 4d ultrasound in 2 weeks. I really can't wait to see the images of my baby. It's my first..and it's a boy :heart::heart:
  9. Yeah, the 4D is pretty amazing. It felt like he was already born. The only problem was that I was so eager to get the pregnancy over with so I can hold him.

  10. Yes, i get that eagerness too, even w/o seeing the 4d ultrasound yet. Just feeling how he moves around and seeing the bump moving on my belly...i just can't wait to hold him...... In the regular 2d ultrasound, my dh and i saw him yawned and my eyes just started tearing...amazing :yes:
  11. i'm pretty amazed how much technology has advanced. I heard about this thru a magazine and ask a client in radiology how it worked.
    Something i will definitely do in later on. How exciting!!!
  12. Yay! Congratulations! I'm excited for you. I still have umm... 22 weeks until I can get one!! I'm on countdown hehe
  13. Technology is amazing!!!! We did the 4D with our daughter and when she came out she looks just like the pictures. I still have to look at it sometimes because it totally blows me away on how they can get a pic from placing something on your stomach.
  14. That is so amazing! I wanted to get that done, but DH did not!
  15. We will get the 3D pictures and 4D video at our 32nd week appointment with our Peri! I can't wait to see the baby's face for the first time!