49 Square Miles?

  1. Their web site is down, and when I tried calling the phone number, I got put into someone's voice mailbox at G Hensler & Co, which apparently is a handbag design company. I was trying to locate some stores that carry the 49 Square Miles bags, hoping for a sale price on the Flirt or the Frost Shopper. Does anyone have info on the status of the company? Thanks!
  2. Love these bags! I also know that they carry them at some Von Mauer stores, so if you don't see them on the Von Mauer website, it's worth calling! Von Mauer does put handbags on sale, and their CS is great. HTH!
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! I first saw these bags at the Von Maur in Columbus OH, but they weren't having any sales. (I was there a couple of weeks ago, and I live about two hours away.) When I called yesterday, they still had the bag I want, but it wasn't on sale. They will ship it to me for free, though. Any idea how often the sales run? Thanks!!!
  4. Agree, wonderful bags! I don't own one but held one that a friend had and the leather was sooooo squishy soft wonderful. :cloud9: Someday I shall have one of my own..

  5. I wish I knew...that's the exact place where I saw them, too (I was visiting my bro, who lives there). I would call Von Mauer and ask them to call you when they go on sale -- they are good about stuff like that. :smile:
  6. Oooooooooooh! 49 Square Miles website is back up and they have a link to a shop in California with a website and 25% off coupon! Got a gorgeous royal blue Flirt with fuschia stitching!!! They are mailing it to me. It's called "In Her Shoes" and it's a nonprofit: www.shoesforglobalfund.com
  7. Wonderful! The Flirt is actually my fave 49 SM style, too...I love the fuchsia stitching, congrats!
  8. Ped Shoes, my fave online store, just started carrying this line. I am in love with their cool colors! Here's the bag I have my eye on:

    So, those of you have experience with 49 Square Miles, how does their leather and stitching wear? The bags look beautiful, but do they last?
  9. I've been stalking a big mouth hobo on eBay for a few weeks just waiting for them to lower the price! LOL
  10. I adore 49 sq miles! I've got a few of their bags (the big mouth in fuchsia and the know it all in green) and the leathers patina quite a bit, which is a quality that I really like. Mine have slouched a lot as well. Currently on loan to my sis or I would take pics for you, but trust me, they are absolutely stunning and so so so soft. Here's the store where I got mine:

  11. Hi Everyone!

    I work for 49SQMI and I jsut wanted to let you all know that we will be havign a sample sale on April 22-24th at 333 Bryant St Suite 350... Come check out our past seasons/ collections! We've got some GREAT stuff this sample sale, you won't be disappointed!

    visit out website for more information! www.49sqmi.com
  12. What state? City? I am not familiar with this street address...