49 Sq. Mi. (Square Miles) Deals and Sales - No Chatting

  1. Last day for 20% off with code 'newyear' at shopenvyboutique.com - lots of 49 Sq. Mi. stuff including black, red, and charcoal Clingys, and the Handful clutch (among others; there's at least one redwood Starlet left too). The code does not work on items already on sale; sale items include a good selection of canvas pieces. Also, the free shipping does not work if you use the code.
  2. shopenvyboutique.com has a new 20% off code - 'valentine'
  3. ^seller corrected to the right color, 'redwood' after I chatted with her.
  4. good. I thought it was redwood too, but wasn't sure.
  5. Did anyone contact Marissa Collections to inquire about the out-of-stock colors being shown as in-stock on their website?
  6. Cute cement Pencil Neck on Bonanzle! Sorry, no link, had a helluva time accessing tPF.