$49 Gucci sandals at DSW!

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  1. All sold out!!!
  2. that's sad :sad: there were a bunch in various sizes right around the time I posted...
  3. Looks like they have sizes 8.5 through 11 back in stock...
  4. I can put it in my shopping cart, but when I try to check out, it disappears. Oh well, CONGRATS to any who scored a pair!
  5. I managed to score a size 8. Too bad I dont wear a size 8. I am sending them off to my friend for her birthday - I hope they ship soon.

  6. That's an awesome gift :smile: glad you got a pair!
  7. They have a size 7.5 and I'm a 7. If I had any use for them I'd buy them, but I think they're too grown up for me. I don't think I could integrate them into my wardrobe.