48 hrs to decide- infini,aurore or grenat emp 25?

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  1. The day is fast approaching!
    Please tell me which you'd purchase and your reasoning! I really appreciate it.
    The store has in stock - aurore, infini and grenat. I think they have earth too but I'm not interested in earth.

    Thanks so much. BTW, this is for my one and only ever to have speedy emp 25. I do currently own the artsy emp in infini.
  2. i vote for the speedy Em.in aurore bc u already have a bag in infini (ur artsy must be beautiful) and also the aurore its a nice pop of color the grenat is more of a neutral in my eyes
  3. Infini!
  4. Since you already have the Artsy in Infini, I'd go with a different color. Color choice on this bag is so hard because honestly, all the colors are beautiful. I think I'd go with the Aurore if it will be your only Speedy but you should go with the color that you would use more often.
  5. grenat for sure!!!! matches with so many colors.....👍👏😃
  6. I say grenat. I personally didn't like the aurore in person and you already have an infini bag :smile:
  7. grenat
  8. Grenat!
  9. Infini would be my first choice but since you already have an Infini bag i'm going to say Aurore. while i absolutely love the Grenat i'm afraid that in time it will have peeling and flaking issues - the metallic Suhali Lockits did in the past.
  10. aurore
  11. I'd say Aurore since you already have a bag in Infini. It's a great pop of color that looks good all year round.
  12. Aurore is gorgeous color, I will definitely choose this one.
  13. Grenat !!
    It looks amazing IRL...
  14. Infini!!
  15. Aurore, since you already have an Infini bag....