48/2(9+3) =? Since everyone is talking about it..

  1. Exactly!
  2. Exactly.
  3. PEMDAS Parenthesis, exponents, multiplication & division, addition & subtraction in that order, left to right. The answer is 2.
  4. 48/2(9+3) =
    (9+3) Now becomes (12)
    Equation is now
    Now it is MULTIPLY or DIVIDE from left to right > >
    Division appears first so you divide
    48/2 = 24
    We're now left with 24(12)
    You would then distribute/multiple

    You are then left with the answer 288.
  5. The bottom line is that there are two ways to do this, the equation isn't written very well and people are getting two different answers. So let's all agree to disagree and say that the answer is either 2 or 288.
  6. I got 288 and my boyfriend got 2. We are currently not speaking to each other.

    He found the same freakin thread on the bodybuilding forums... Ugh....
  7. 288....order of operations.
  8. math teacher lol!
    he said you can't do anything until you get rid of the brackets first. and since it's written as 2(12) after you simplify you can't do the division until you get rid of the brackets

    also if it was written as
    the answer would be 2
  9. for the record my scientific calculator also gives me an answer of 2 for what it's worth LOL!!
  10. I'm pretty sure it's a canadian thing with bedmas...it's written in my review section of my finance textbook for how to remember order of operation LOL
  11. I'm sorry for LOL'ing a bit, but this is a fight that I would probably get into with my BF too.
  12. :yes:
  13. i don't think people understand that the parentheses rule is only for the things IN it, not around it
  14. i got 288 and i felt a teeny weeny little sleepy part of my brain wake up, so either way its awesome in my book.

    but, to be honest, i was taught to do the operation in the parentheses and then go left to right.

    I cant believe i could do that multiplication in my peri-menopausal brain. :wlae:
    seriously, its a mess in there. I found windex in the refrigerator this morning!