$479 BIN Metallic Magenta

  1. it's the pochette. it's smaller than a first, kind of the size of the lv pochette. cute!
  2. I thought it was called the Shoulder. I have this in Magenta and it's really cute - about 1/2 the size of a first. I use it as a makeup bag and a clutch. The price is pretty good too as retail is near $700US.
  3. I was so close to buying this a long time ago from this seller! I really like it but what do you think of the color? I would use it for make-up or credit cards, receipts, etc. I really don't need another clutch but I would buy another! LOL:lol:

    Anyway- the seller said she would take $30.00 off when I asked if she was negotiable- so if you like this and want to buy it don't forget to ask. I really do love this but I will pass~ so someone take me out of my misery!

    How cute is the mini mirror!!!????!!!!!!:tender:
  4. It's very cute for nights (or days) when you don't have much to carry!
  5. I saw it sold..did a PFer get it? It was really cute. I almost got it:smile: