$475 for large downtown! Cannot believe my eyes!!

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  1. That is a fabulous deal! Carry your downtown with pride. :tup:
  2. What an amazing deal!!! congrats!
  3. great deal! :tup: very good price for a large downtown..
  4. Thank you everyone! :lol:I took her out already and I am loving it! It is a large bag but with a 2 year old boy, I manage to carry all we need in there. I will post some modeling pictures soon~
  5. ooo i envy u, do u know if they still have stocks and can send overseas? thanks :smile:
  6. GORGEOUS Downtown, crazy4purse!!! Congrats on your great deal. :drinkup:I've always loved this olive color.

  7. OMG, so jealous.
  8. me too. that has to be the deal of the century.
  9. What an amazing deal!:woohoo:
  10. That's unbelieveable !! My Nordstrom's doesn't carry YSL...
    but congratulations to you, how lucky to have landed a beautiful bag at such a bargain !!!!!!!
  11. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

    wow. THIS IS A STEAL!!! LITERALLY!!:tup::tup::heart:
  12. so lovely!!!
  13. Wow, gorgeous bag and the leather looks so soft and gorgeous!
  14. It is just stunning and congrats on finding an all leather authentic designer bag for under $500!!! You are TOTALLY lucky!!
  15. HOWWWWWWWWWWW ahh!!!!! congrats!!!
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