459. from Revolve - good deal?

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  1. Using the code JT I'm eyeing the yellow MAM from Revolve Clothing with free shipping for a grand total of $459.00.

    Yeah or nay?

  2. I love the color, very pretty. Go for it! :graucho:
    (why am I on here with you? I REALLY should be working on the #&$$#@%& taxes!) :cursing:
  3. ^oh girl, I'm so sorry. So sorry. I think I'm about to turn in ...
  4. Oh, I can't. I just can't. I'm only on the rebound, that's all - somebody else needs to go buy this beauty, 'cause that she is. But not for me, not right now. I must recover from the apparent loss of the original black basketweave and get on with my life...

    Thanks for listening, everybody -
  5. Do it!! Thats pretty great!
  6. ^^same thing i was gonna say. After seeing Kimber's pic... i want it too!

    If i get a yellow RM, its definitely going to be the yellow/silverspot.
  7. I like the color and the bag just not the studds on tassles...
  8. I love it. I love Kimbers picture too.
  9. ITA, the yellow/silverspot is sooo pretty!
  10. Am I wrong in saying this, or did Revolve discontinue their codes for use on RM?
  11. I had the yellow and I didn't like the color, don't do it!!
  12. You be wrong - I had that puppy in my cart, applied the code, watched the price drop $81, and couldn't bring myself to finish the transaction. Now this is an older model, so that might be why -. But there's nothing posted that says discount codes can't be applied to certain designers.
  13. I stand corrected! :smile:
  14. I have the yellow MAM and always receive compliments when I take it out. I love the color. But if you're hesitant I would wait a few days and think about it.

    Here's some of my photos. Two are with flash and one is without flash. :smile:

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