$450 good deal for a used Speedy 30

  1. There is a Speedy 30 which I have authenicated as being real on ebay, is $ 450 a good deal, it is in very good condition.
  2. if it's in good condition, then it's a good deal :smile:
  3. If it is very good condition, I would say that's a good deal.
  4. It the bag is in MINT condition, it's a good deal.:yes:
  5. I agree with everyone else. If the condition is near new, then it's a good deal.
  6. Yes, check those handles out for that price though.
  7. They are starting to darken just a bit at the top but that is expected, right?

  8. Darkening is expected. Just don't let them look bad, like it's been held a lot and it's darker in those areas. Just make sure it's even darkening.
  9. hmmm - my two cents - for that much - I'd rather have a new one.
  10. I agree :yes:
  11. how much is the retail for a speedy 30?
  12. IMO I would go for the new one as well...Elux Mono Speedy retails for $620.00 :smile:
  13. Just like the others said. I would spend the extra $$ and buy one brand new either off Eluxury or LV store.
  14. Can you post a link for the picture?
  15. ditto