$450 bag for less than $160? Is this common?

  1. I bought my first Coach bag in December and my second at the beginning of January. My second was a Juniper Legacy for $448. I left the Legacy in the bag in my closet until I recently decided to return it because I can't ever find anything to wear that looks good with it (just a problem with my wardrobe - LOVED the bag). When I returned it I saw that all of the Legacy was gone from the store. I have ordered a Legacy Spectator.

    Today I've been catching up with some of the threads on here and I see that someone got a Legacy like my Juniper, only in Raisin, for less than $160 at an outlet. HOLY HANDBAGS! Is it common for Coach bags to be sent to outlets quickly? Is it every time a new line comes out, which I'd guess is every season?
  2. Well since the 2008 legacy bags are coming out I dont think so. I love the Legacy Spectator bag and you must show pics when it comes.
  3. It was a tagging mistake and she got it for cheaper

    such a steal!!!
  4. :yes:
  5. It's more common if they are last season - like I got a slim flap that retailed for 428 for 160. It was definitely a steal. But if I LOVE a bag, I always try to get it that season, because it's never guaranteed what is going to show up to the outlets or sell out.