$45 true religion, seven, rock and republic

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Super cheap jeans, i just order the victoria beckham crown ones for $45.

    use code July2006 for $15 off!
  2. Can someone verify if this site sells authentic jeans? That's an unbelievably low price for new VB crowns.. :hrmm:
  3. fake jeans?? too cheap to be true..
  4. i just checked them all. all of them are fake. really bad fakes. :sad:
  5. Thanks for checking heartfelt :flowers: Ugh the fakers are everywhere from purses to jeans.. what next? :mad:

    weibaobai - I hope you can get your $$ back!
  6. Wow, that sucks. It would have been a great deal. I just got True Religions for $58 at kitson. I know for sure that their stuff is authentic =)
  7. How can you tell? They look good to me!
  8. ^It's kind of like fake/authentic LVs.. you don't know what's real unless you're very familiar with the items/companies. If you want more info you can probably PM heartfelt.. she's a respected member of a denim forum :yes:
  9. OOOOH will do...its kinda like the buyer beware thing, ya gotta be an educated buyer!

  10. $200+ jeans for $45? Definitely a fake to me..
  11. I think there are as much, if not more, fake jeans out there as fake purses. I wouldn't trust those cheesy websites. Go to revolveclothing.com or shopbob.com. They're legit. When they have a good sell, you can get a pretty good price on a nice pair of jeans. Plus, you always get 30% off your first order when you sign up.
  12. Saks & Neimans are having great sales on jeans...I got my Edun's from $165 for $59, my sister got Antik's that were $225 for $80....Still going on!!! LOVE MY EDUNS!!!

  13. [​IMG]
    That sux! I bought these at full price & now its only $81!!!