$44k sale

  1. Thats right! I went today, this woman who works for a company here in Michigan spent $44k on gifts for 44 people at the company!!!

    I nearly went into cardiac arrest!!! lol

    They were all wallets though. She wiped out my LV lol!!
  2. The day I have a spare $44 k will be a great day.. and you will ALL get gifts!!
  3. Do the SA get commission or something. Great day for someone.

    Megs, you need more than 44K, I think there are 9K - 10K members.
  4. I bet the employees of that store threw a little party tonight!
  5. Wow, those are some lucky coworkers!
  6. Man that is awesome!!!! I would love to go in there and spend someone else's money!!!!
  7. Woah. I wouldn't mind being one of those employees.
  8. I was told by a SA that they do not get commission. They work towards their store goal. I'm sure they have individual goals too. I'm sure the SA was wishing during that sale that they made commission.

    Megs, I think that works out to be $4.40 per member. Maybe you can get us something from Costco:flowers:
  9. Yeah I was talking to my SA about my purchase which I pick up the 22nd of July... I wont give hints till the night b4 lol so you can all guess... he is leaving for Paris to work at the Champs store for a few weeks to learn and stuff, all FREE!! uhh he is so lucky, he just got a damier pegase to use for the trip!!! Any ways, she was in and out, walked in, told Chris the other SA I like that she needed 44 of these wallets with a picture, my store only had 41 so she is coming back later to get the rest but she did pay for them, apparently they all have to be hot stamped for some reason, proably because of counterfits or something, idk? but how fun!!! but if I was spending huge $, I would so not be in and out lol
  10. Did they take her to the back to sip on champagne, or did they bring the champagne out to her?
  11. oh she was in and out so fast they had no time, but im sure when she pick it up!
  12. Wow. At one of the parties, I saw a guy take one look at one of the watches and bought it without barely even holding it etc.
    It was a $20,000 watch, too...my SA told me he is a HUGE LV watch collector.
  13. speaking of watches, the girl that works at my lv, hers was $13k but she didnt wear it today... wth? lol I would never take it off lol
  14. hotstamped with the same initials? I was thinking they have to be hotstamped so the employees of her company doesnt try to return them
  15. to their initials.. not all the same lol :smile: