"4400" the series

  1. my friend just borrowed me this series, and i loveee it!
    i think it's a great series.
    anyone watch this?
  2. i did.. i lvoed it!! i couldnt belive that it didnt get that much hype
  3. yeah... i agree with you baby boo...
    i can't believe that not many people's interesting in the series...
  4. I love that series! :heart:

    I just finished with season 2 and can't wait for 3 :yes:
  5. yeah, i just finished with season 2 too...
    i love that maia girl :P
  6. she's freaky :supacool:

  7. :P
  8. Did anyone catch the Season Premiere last night?!?!

    Left me with more questions...argg!
  9. I love 4400. It's so addictive. I didn't get to watch the premiere last night because I don't have cable.
  10. what season are they in by now? I somehow stopped watching .... :shame:
  11. I think this new one is season 3?
    I finally get to watch it on USA website.
  12. I've been watching every show since the beginning.

    LOVE it!
  13. I've only seen up to season 2 and I loved it!
    I can't wait to catch up.
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