42 Weeks...

  1. Aack!! I'm starting to get very impatient!!! I've tried castor oil, nipple stimulation, spicy foods, sex, long walks, balsamic vinaigrette, etc... This is getting old, fast. I have my first official 'postdates' ultrasound today. She's moving great (and painfully, I might add) but I haven't seen her since 21 weeks, so I'm excited about the scan. I've also had 4 weeks of prodomal labor. We've packed and repacked the bags 3 times. Everything is ready. I really think I'll be pregnant forever!
  2. Oh my goodnes! Hang in there. I hope she comes soon!!!!
  3. crossing my fingers for a speedy delivery!
  4. YIKES!!! Baby girl doesn't want to come out yet, huh? ;)

    Are you going to have a normal delivery or a c-sec??? She might be BIG when she comes out.. keep us posted and good luck!!!
  5. Oh Sanguar I can't believe you are already 42 weeks!! It seems like only yesterday you got knocked-up LOL:roflmfao:!!

    Be patient:flowers:. You little healthy blessing will be here before you know it! Congrats.:heart:
  6. Hehe. She wants to stay where it's warm, and room and board is free!! She will probably be a big baby, cause the longer they stay in there the more weight they gain! Ah, don't worry, she'll be here before you know it!
  7. any updates? It's becoming unusual to let Mommies go this long.
    Any word of induction?
    My kids didn't want to come out either!
  8. Ugh, I hope you're at the hospital now!

    My first son was 42 weeks..I know how hard it is...hang in there :smile:
  9. Ugh! I know how you feel. BOTH of my kids went to almost 42 weeks. My first was 42 weeks and had to be induced because he just WAS NOT planning to come out. My second went to 41 weeks 2 days and decided to come on her own. Good thing because an induction was scheduled for her too but I went into labour 24 hours before. My kids love to be late!!! I know how frustrating it is as each extra day feels like a month! Don't worry, it will come soon. Try and get a bit of sleep in the meantime. You will be needing it! Good luck! Hope everything is smooth sailing!
  10. Good luck and hopefully she comes soon!
  11. Well, she's warm and comfy in there. The ultrasound showed that everything was perfect still. She's estimated around 9 lbs. I guess it's just a waiting game, still.

  12. are you or your Docs against induction?
  13. Both, but I'm seeing a CNM. If something were wrong, it would clearly be different. We packed our car as if we were heading to the hospital (just in case) to go to the ultrasound. Had anything been wrong or out of the ordinary off we would have gone. For now it's kick counts and BPP ultrasounds.
  14. I was induced at 40 weeks 2 days with my first. It was mid august and I was miserable. I figured since it was my first I wouldn't know the difference.

    Are you dilating any? I ended up being 4cm when I was induced.
  15. i had mine induced on my due date because my doctor estimated the baby to be 9lb1oz and i insisted on not having a c section. thank god i went in that day b'c he came out to be 9lb5oz. good luck and pls keep us posted!