411 on my Chloé?

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  1. Hi. I tried looking for a "Name that Chloé" sort of thread, but I guess you guys don't need one, since 99.9% of you know your Chloés very well :yes: Am just kinda stumped for months now, trying to find out what style this bag falls on -- got this beauty last year before X'mas and the SA at Holt Renfrew told me, it's a precursor to Paddy, but then again she may be wrong. I love this bag to bits, and a little info on her name would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks to everyone who read this. Take care.
  2. :heart: very cute purse! sorry--can't say i know anything about the bag!
  3. I have NO idea! But it is so cute!
  4. It's ADORABLE!!!
  5. This bag is so hot! I hope we find out what the name of it is! Good luck!!
  6. Thanks ladies :kiss: I think so, too! She is my fave bag of all. Me too jag -- I do hope to one day find her name. :smile: Thanks!
  7. I came back to look at it again! I love the color! Someone solve this mystery!