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  1. I guys, I'm new to Dior, very new. So I wanted ask all you tpf'ers all the pros and cons and what I need to consider when purchasing my first Dior.

    I'm considering the classic lambskin but I'm worried about wear, I'm not the gentlest with my bags especially with my kids around. But the patent comes in such vibrant alluring colors :/

    Any advice and recommendation appreciated.
  2. if you do a search for 'Lady Dior' on the Dior forums, you'll find a few members have mentioned on various threads that the lambskin used on Lady Diors are more durable than lambskin Chanel WOCs. If you're worried about scratching your lambskin Lady Dior, patent leather is more scratch resistant, but depending on the colour you get in patent colour transfers are permanent (on lambskin as long as this is cleaned as soon as possible, the discoloration damage is minimal or non-existent/completely removed).

    How about a patent black Lady Dior with gold hardware?
  3. I second that!
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    Hi! Welcome!

    Sorry I'm late to the conversation (since you posted a reveal already!!), but I'll leave this post up for others... ;)

    In any case... here are a few things to consider about a "first Dior".

    There are 3 frequently travelled avenues for building a Dior collection, here on TPF. The pochette route, the Panarea tote route, and the Lady Dior route. Although there are ladies who chose other styles (i.e. one of the flap style bags, i.e. Miss Dior, or large non-cannage totes, i.e. Diorrisimo), those three are very common selections for first Diors.

    1. Pochette - the pricepoint is "reasonable" for leather and exotics (around $2,000 USD & under); they transition well from day to evening
    2. Panarea - the pricepoint is reasonable for a large coated canvas tote (under $1,500 USD); a relatively "easy" transition from other brands, i.e. LV Neverfull & Chanel GST fans
    3. Lady Dior - an iconic, structured, timeless tote that often transitions from day to evening

    RE: Care/leathers

    My favorite "carefree" leather was a matte calfskin that was available a couple of years ago. It was prominantly featured in editorials as a Lady Dior with bow and fringe details.

    Nevertheless: Commonly available materials for Dior handbags include coated canvas, lambskin, calfskin, exotics (python, crocodile), etc. Hardware commonly available is silver or light gold. Although the most recent runway (S/S '12) showed tonal hardware (i.e. pink Diorissimo w/pink hardware).

    Depending on how you prefer to use/store/maintain your handbags and how you prefer your handbags to age (i.e. patina vs. look new for as long as possible; slouchy/floppy/soft vs. structured), you're going to gravitate towards different bags.

    So... feel free to share more ideas to narrow down your search. Or... look through the Celebrities thread or the Diors in action thread... or watch a runway show or two for some ideas.

    HTH & Good Luck!! :smile:

    p.s. Just found your reveal. :P Congrats on your purple patent LD!!
  5. Thanks, I had alot of help from the SA. I couldn't pass the iconic bag. Although its one of the holy grails of handbag lovers there is something about how it's marketing and availability in australia which makes it seem limited and special. It's not widely seen so unless you look at the charms or know what it is, it's not showy, just classy without screaming look at my designer bag.


    Just wanted to ask those who have the LD in patent leather, how long (how many uses) does it take for the opening to soften up a little? Or does it stay relatively stiff? Does the patent crack or stay smooth? Does the bag sag/or keep its shape? I dont think I'll have a problem with over stuffing it or having too much weight in it because the opening is quite narrow, but it's good to know?

    Any particular finishes or types of leather wallets I should avoid when using the LD because of the zipper and opening?
  6. The opening does loosen, although not quite to the extent of a lambskin LD. I think what softens up over time that makes it easier to open, is the bag itself. So whie the opening will never expand, the bag itself will have more give over time.

    So far, I haven't experienced any cracking in patent. Although my patent LD does have fine scratches (visible only with scrutiny); goodness knows how that happened. I don't let the sides of my bag rest on a surface with a hard edge (i.e. squeezing the bag + irregular object, next to me at a booth or holding the bag against me while I'm wearing a studded belt) since the leather can get an "indentation" from said irregular object that can be impossible to remove without professional care.

    I'm careful with it around other leathers, since humidity + patent can do strange things, as well as color transfer. Stubborn fingerprint smudges are easily removed with diluted vinegar on a soft cloth, wiped immediately dry. Wet wipes (non alcohol/perfume/etc.) or wet cloths can leave water stains/smudges, but are probably fine if wiped immediately dry. I just don't find them very effective on patent.

    It needs to be stored with just the right amount of stuffing. Too much can make it bulge. Too little can make it "sag" inward. Also, overstuffing during use can create bulges too. These things can distort the shape of the bag over time.

    As for wallets... color transfer is a consideration, but it's not a major one, since there will be very little contact between the wallet and bag. If you're worried about scratching your wallet with the zipper, then you may also be worried about scratching/color transfer among items within your bag. If that's the case, you can always chose a fabric wallet and cosmetic cases (i.e. LV coated canvas, Dior coated canvas, etc.).

    The LD doesn't have to be babied, per se, but it is a handbag that benefits from being treated well. Day to day use doesn't lead to drastic destruction overnight, but if you inspect your bag every time you either put it in its dustbag or take it out of its dustbag, you'll notice little things about how it's wearing. If that stuff bothers you, then you can take a few small measures to be more careful with your bag (i.e. those listed above). But if it doesn't, you can still enjoy your bag, and only people who are really inspecting your bag will notice anything. :smile:
  7. I have a black patent medium LD (2 .5 yrs old) and a red lamb medium LD (recently purchased). I wud say my black patent LD has held up really well, I have used her around 35-40 times...the only signs of use are the hairline scratches around the charm. I usually don't stuff my medium LDs as I don't want to stretch the opening. I store all my structured bags (mostly LDs, Chanel Flaps) standing up, making sure they dont press against each other. Dior lamb is definitely more sturdy than Channel lamb, still it's lambskin none the less! I do feel that I can be more carefree with my patent LD as opposed to the lambs as I'm afraid of flattened quilts, leather color rubbing off due to continual friction with my clothes etc.
  8. I recently bought new fuchsia LD medium in lamb...
    Even though I haven't wear her yet...I just love her..
    I'm thinking of getting one more LD ..but this time in patent...
    Would you lovely ladies here suggest which color to pick?...there are so many beautiful color in LD....:love:
    Currently I'm considering Black with GHW or Dark amethyst with LGHW(isn't it new color?) or perhaps mink grey (but worry about color transfer...)?:thinking:
    hmmmm...it's so hard...!!:sweatdrop:

    oops!! so sorry OP if I interupt your thread....
  9. hi guys !
    i've been thnking of getting LD in black color , but still cant decide patent leather of calfskin with light gold hard ware
    any recommendation ? tx