40th Birthday Reveal...

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  1. Tomorrow is my 40th. My hubby has to work all day and late tomorrow. He has a workshop in the city and he was bummed. But I told him not to worry we have awesome plans for the weekend. I really wanted an LV instead of a party. Lol. So hubby took me this am to Short Hills to get a new bag. Usually I get them pre loved or pre owned. This is my first FP purchase. Anyway I went to go and get a Neverfull GM but in the end as the story goes we can leave with something totally different.

    I know hubby was pleased to get it for me and I am trying very hard to let myself enjoy her. She's so pretty. I am usually very shop it out coupon / sale minded. It's hard. Lol.

    So anyone wanna see?

  2. Here! [emoji137]🏼 Happy Early Birthday!! [emoji512]
  3. Yes. Happy Birthday and welcome to the club!
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463596966.389409.jpg


  5. Can't wait to see! Congrats on your first boutique purchase. You deserve it and I'm sure it made your husband feel good to buy it for you. Enjoy😊

    Happy Birthday! 🎂
  6. enjoy it ... its your birthday !
  7. Here! Have a fabulous 40th!
  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463597782.193607.jpg



    Holy crap. An Artsy!!!!!!
  9. Thank you all! My daughter wanted in. And of course Blue needed in on the action too. lol.
  10. Great choice! Congratulations!!!
  11. Beautiful! Congrats!!
  12. Happy Birthday and congrats great choice.
  13. Wow, gorgeous! Happy Birthday!!
  14. Welcome to the 40's club! I also turned 40 in February! :smile:
    Happy birthday and congrats on your gorgeous Artsy!! It's such an amazing bag!
  15. So fun!! Gorgeous bag, love the bandeau with it too!
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