40th Birthday Reveal (a few weeks early)

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  1. A little present from my parents for my upcoming 40th birthday. David Yurman Petite Albion Hematite with Diamonds :yahoo:

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  2. Happy Birthday! enjoy it with health.
  3. Very nice...matching the nail color.
  4. Very pretty! What a nice gift! Happy Birthday!
  5. Beautiful!! Enjoy it and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
  6. Nice ring! Happy birthday!
  7. Love it in hematite! I have the same ring in morganite...
  8. looks fantastic!! Congrats!
  9. Congrats! I just got this exact ring in Prasiolite this week. It's gorgeous.
  10. Pretty! Congrats and happy early birthday!
  11. Happy birthday and congratulations on your gorgeous ring!
  12. Thank you! I actually decided the 7mm was a tad small for my finger. I was on my way to the boutique to exchange for the 11mm and saw that Bloomies was having their gift card promotion where you get $50 for every $200 you spend. I went ahead and purchased through their presale, which means a $200 Bloomie's gift card for me :woohoo: I will post a pic Thursday when I pick it up.
  13. Very nice !!!
  14. It looks very nice. Happy birthday!