40th birthday L'Epanoui + David Yurman *pix*

  1. Here are my new babies! Aren't they cute?? I am carrying today with the brown pastilles. Totally adorable!


    L'Epanoui PM, Pastilles key holders in m/c and brown, and the surprise of the night ... David Yurman Quatrefoil earrings in carved blue chalcedony and diamonds. Only been waiting for about 3 years for Bob to dig them out of inventory! I have the matching pendant already. and we found a choker last month at Neiman Marcus Last Call. All from Last Call, marked down 40%, then on sale 30% off, plus 5% with NM card. Score. (Shop there in December!!)

    Sort of makes up for being 50 minutes LATE to meet me for dinner!! :cursing:

    I didn't talk to him for a solid half hour ... until I got a lemon drop in my system. He's not a "talker", but I could tell he was sorry. We went to the Chart House on the hill - gorgeous view. I ordered filet mignon with the oscar topping (crab, cheese and asparagus) without blinking an eye. YUM! (He's a total tightwad on things that are not considered investments, like food, but that's how he affords to spoil me with LV and jewelry. He freaked at the $120 tab ... "did you know the topping was an ADD ON?" "Yup")

    There's always drama with Bob.

    Oh, I nearly forgot. I am getting the little Miroir Pochette tonight at sushi with Dad and his new wife. Bob didn't want to show up empty handed. OK, I'll go with that. Now if he can arrive before we finish. That will be the trick!

    Oh how I wish we had a jewelry forum here. I'd be in heaven and never get any work done! LOL

  2. Darn..I casn't see the pic?
  3. Well, I'm glad to see Bob did not murder you and came through with a great 40th for you...I can't see the pics though either,,,,,:sad: I'll check back later.
  4. Sorry about that. I added back the attachment. Still learning :\
  5. Happy Birthday! Love your gifts.
  6. happy b-day, love your stuff.
  7. congrats!
  8. Great b'day presents. And we do have a jewelry section.
  9. Congrats! Have fun!
  10. Happy B-Day! Props to the hubby for such great gifts!
  11. Congrats, happy BDay..gorgeous
  12. Congrats I love all your new pieces.
  13. Fun story...thanks for sharing!
  14. happy birthday and congrats, love them!