40s and FABULOUS!!

  1. Ok...here goes...I saw the fifties and fabulous thread and I got jealous...I'm interested in seeing how many forties and fabulous gals we have out there.

    I just recently got my first LV :jammin:and was curious to find out what other "mature" LV lovers look like and what bags you rock....YES we can still ROCK great bags at "our age" :woohoo:

    I've been married 28 years...have 3 children (one that lives with Jesus now) and one grandson. I love to travel, hang out with my family, teach pre-K Sunday school and rock a great bag.

    So...tell me about you...you fabulous and forty LV Lovers!!

    PS I just turned 47 :wtf:
  2. Is that your grandson in the pics? He's a cutie!!! I'm 35, but this is a cute thread!
  3. Hi Pamajama, I guess I'm what you would call a 'mature' LV lover, but somehow that label just doesn't fit me. lol! I don't think I ever act my age.
    I live in Ontario Canada (not too far from you), and am about to turn 47 in March, so I guess we're just about exactly the same age. I have 2 kids, a 15 yr old daughter (ugh! do they become human again ever?!) and a 5 yr old son. I too love to travel, especially to Vegas. I have a background in clothing design and work full time from a home office so I can structure my day around my family. My husband is in management in the automotive industry. He's a wonderful man, very generous and loving and is my biggest LV enabler!!
  4. I'm 43 and LOVE LV!
  5. Hi gals! I am 42 and I love to hear about the other 40's and Fabulous. I was a Corporate Executive (for a big consumer goods company and then as the President of an advertising agency)...I am now a stay at home mom to my three little ones 4, 6, and 8. I am married to a wonderful guy, although he doesn't get the LV thing or the Bag thing in general... he thinks that it is funny that I get so excited about them! I just got the LV bug a couple of months ago, but I am already lovin' my new collection (Black MC Griet, Damier Ebene Berkeley, Perle Vernis Brentwood, and Pomme Vernis PTI)! This forum has made this new addiction a little TOO much fun! :smile:
  6. Hi, I'm 43 and just got my first LV too (Speedy35). Would love to join this thread!

    I graduated with an English degree and worked in the publishing field for 13 years. I'm now a SAHM. Been married almost 15 years and have two adorable kids, an 8yo ds and 5yo ds who has autism.

    I enjoy being an armchair traveler - there isn't much opportunity for actual travel these days - I read about culinary travel and watch the Travel Channel. I love Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern. I'm a big fan of British mystery films and English Country style decorating. I have a website devoted to medieval romance novels. My interests and hobbies are quite varied and can chat about almost anything, except sports!
  7. Not 40 yet, but it's on the horizon! Great thread!
  8. Great thread! I'm uh well last count I was 43 I think I am 44 this year:lol: LV was my first great love, still is but since I have added Chanel to the list. I have two kids, girl 15 and a boy 13 I am a sahm that sells jewelery and other bits and pieces on eBay in my spare time. My husband is a diamond dealer here in Los Angeles. This is my last LV purchase that followed my home from Italy:nuts:
  9. I'll join:p

    I'll be 43 in about two weeks. I'm a SAHM with two kids. My son is twelve and my daughter is 9. Our 20th wedding anniversary is coming up soon!

    Like others have said, my husband is my biggest "handbag enabler" and even though, he "teases" me about it, I know he loves to see how much joy I get from carrying a great bag. He's also come to realize that our daughter is learning from the "Master" and is starting to acquire the great taste her Mom has.:yes:

    My latest LV acquisition was the Mono Speedy 35 DH and the kids got me for Christmas.

  10. I think this is a great thread too, and I am on the horizon too :push:
  11. I am 41... have loved LV for approx 5 years. My first bag was a mono speedy 25 bought on vacation in Maui, therefore a very special bag for me. I have since bought and sold so many bags.. but I am finally happy with my well rounded collection. (but that's not to say I don't want more!):tender:

    Love this thread!
  12. Count me in! I just turned 46 this month. My husband marked this birthday with a fabulous white Le Fab as a surprise, so he is indeed my LV enabler!:p

    Before children, I was a senior bank officer, but retired to be a SAHM after our first child was born. My wonderful husband and I have been married almost 20 years and we have two great teenagers (really!). I've been addicted to LV for two years now and there seems to be no end in sight to my obsession. LOL
  13. I just turned 49. I bought myself my first LV for my 40th birthday. It was an Ellipse pm.
    I retired early, at the age of 42. I am a SAHM now. My only daughter is already 21, though. She will get her B.Sc. degree this May.
    My DH knows nothing about my bags and he doesn't care what bag I carry. He pays more attention to the clothes I wear. LOL.
    Recently both my daughter and I are buying Tokidoki bags and he thinks that they are really cool.
    He never asks us about the price of our bags. He knows he'd better not ask.
  14. I'm 39 so I'll see you 11 months, tell me the 40's are ok, pleasse!!! lol Great thread btw!
  15. Great thread - not 40 yet, but close :p