40cm Kellys and Their owners...

  1. Ladies and Gents,

    I have been thinking about 40cm Kelly...or even 35cm.

    do any of you have 40cm kellys? what to do think?

    I was thinking an orange togo 40cm or a black box 40cm.

    be a little wild.
  2. I went through this a few weeks ago. I was inspired by Laboheme's 40 graphite (clemence I believe). When it is oversized like that, "they say" it has the look of a briefcase/work bag, and loses that Kelly je-ne-sais-quoi. But personally, I think it has a really cool "casual-chic" air about it. I think it's a great look - Laboheme just posted more photos in the last day with a REALLY cool scarf on her head - I think it's great!

    A 40cm is on my radar for sure. I want a slouchy leather. Haven't figured out what colour.

    I have a 35 cm box retourne Kelly, which suits my frame (5'11). I think it would feel bigger if it was sellier, but I don't think the 35 crosses over from classic Kelly to potential "work bag".
  3. I can't wait to see one. I am debating between a 40cm togo orange...or a black box 40cm....

    but then again I am thinking something in a bolide.

    I know the colors I want....and the bags I want but not what I want the color in the bags AHH
  4. I think a 40 togo orange would be really fun/ky; it would be a very different look from a black box 40 (definitely more on the elegant side - a kind of contemporary twist on an icon).

    Big decision!!
  5. yeah that is what my SA suggested...for the black box...the twist.

    but to be honest I would want to see it before I order it.

    I hope in my NYC trip in March I can see some 40cm....to make sure....I might need to stick with an 35cm.
  6. I held a 40cm once and it was way too big on my little 5'4" frame but I do love oversized bags. I think it would be a good size on you, GG, since you're quite a bit taller than I am. Orange sounds great.

    When are you coming to visit :woohoo:
  7. Nolaskelly.JPG
  8. truly lovely! i am about 5'7 or 5'7
  9. guccigal, I'd say get the Bolide, but I could see
    you with a 40cm Kelly. How exciting! :smile:
  10. Interesting... Yes I think seeing/holding it IRL would be really helpful.
    I have a Kelly 32 in orange Togo and this for me is the "big bag" twist. Everything i have is either smaller or quite neutral so the big orange is fun for me. I agree that something slightly oversized in orange Togo is fun and I have found orange to be a lot more versatile than originally planned.
    One thought on the togo vs. box leather: In a bag that size, might you be concerned with banging the corners? I love box and I know it can be refurbished, but I have an easier schlepping around a big togo bag.
  11. yeah the more I think about it...a 35cm or 40cm orange togo kelly would be fantastic...and reserve black box for something like a 28cm....(since I have a 32cm black chevre)

    and then get a chocolate 35cm birkin with gold...

    and I hope I am able to get a barenia bolide.
  12. I'm 5'4" too and a clemence retourne kelly 40 looked like luggage on me. I like the way that a kelly 40 looks on a man tho.
  13. I have a 40 cm Birkin in black. I like it. I just have to be careful not to load it up because of the weight.
  14. Hey GG
    I do not know if you remember the brown Kelly DH had put on hold that day we went to H together, but that was a 40cm