40cm Kelly??!!

  1. I guess that I did not realize that this size existed until recently. Everyone seems to like the 32cm or smaller one the forum with a few using a 35cm.

    Does anyone have one of these kellys - 40cm?? If so I'd love to see pictures for size and what all they hold. Does this size still carry the great aura of a kelly or does it look a bit like a little girl carrying mummy's handbag??
  2. hi sus, i never thought of it as a mum's bag but 40 in a kelly is very very very big. a 35cm kelly is very big, a definite just for day bag - so if you want a 40 i would definately see it in person before you think about ordering one, also, because they are so big, you might want to think about stiffer leathers so they stand up straight?
  3. To me it seems like a 40 Kelly would be hard to get into and out of. I'd feel like I was wrestling with the bag whenever I'd want to get anything out of it. I think the HAC and Birkin suit the larger sizes better.

    That being said, I've never actually seen a 40 Kelly, so I could be pleasantly surprised if someone posts a pic of one being modelled.
  4. I had a vintage 40cm Kelly until quite recently, actually. It was VERY difficult to get into, and even more difficult to carry since there was no shoulder strap and no really good way to match a new one to the vintage leather. (It was almost like Evergrain but not exactly; never did figure out what leather it was.)
    It was a really, really large bag, and I'm not a very big person at five feet tall. I used it mostly as an overnight bag, to be honest. I didn't feel like it held the aura of a Kelly, at least not on me. I almost never carried it, and certainly never as a handbag after the first attempt.
    I don't have any modelling photos, but I might be able to dig up an old picture of the bag itself (though what it will tell you, I don't know).
  5. I think the one in the window of the Wall Street store last week was a 40cm. I have seen the 40 cm before and its a really clunky size. Too betwix and between - I would almost say, the 50 cm travel kelly is better looking estetically - its clearly luggage - or the 35 cm, which is clearly a city bag. Just my opinion.
  6. i tried one on in an ebene/brown crinoline combination that was so gorgeous i almost passed out from the sheer beauty. but in my opinion that size feels more briefcase than handbag -- which is great if you happen to need a briefcase.

    orchids saw it too -- maybe she'll pop in and give her impression of it.
  7. I thought the same but I would still love to see it in person eventually or a picture with someone holding it.
  8. i fell in love once with a 40cm but it was before i actually owned a kelly, once i tried to get in and out of them on a regular basis i was shocked how big the 35 seemed to me...so now i have no plans for more 35s, definately 32s if i want any different colors...

    but sus, is it for a briefcase like bag? in that case perhaps it would suit you?
  9. I've been wondering about this, too, because I've been eying the one sandiaexchange has up on eBay. It's in really nice condition and it's exactly what I'm looking for, except 5cm too big :crybaby: Hey! We have some doctors on here! Anyone specialize in Kelly liposuction? :p

    I'd still be curious to see some modeling pics if anyone's got 'em :flowers:
  10. That's what got me wondering about what it looked like too.
  11. Call me jaded, blinkered or boring but I've always loved for a Kelly to be on the smaller side.....35 and below; and the Birkin 35 and upwards.