40cm Kelly leather choices!~HELP!

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  1. hi all, i've been lurking around on the tpf for a long time and have finally come around of placing an order for a Hermes Kelly! BUT now it is time to make some decisions, and i would love all your opinions~

    OK, so here is how it goes, i've decided to order a 40CM Kelly in Etoupe and am now deciding between togo and clemence. i've done a search on the forum and it has been one of the most talked about topics! but i didnt come across anything for a 40CM kelly or birkin ,and i think probably the large size would make a difference when deciding between the two leathers.

    i have currently placed an order for a clemence, but i am swinging towards togo, here's a list of why or whynot i would want togo:

    1. i prefer a more greyish etoupe

    2.i do not want to much veining in the bag, given the large size the veins would probably be more pronounced

    3.i dont mind the bag being a bit slouchy, and that's why i decided Clemence in the first place, but now when i come to think of it, given the large size, the 40CM in togo should just give me the slouchiness i prefer!

    so the main concern really, is the heavy veining in togo that's putting me off a bit, is it possible to order a less veined, or vein less togo?

    so ladies and gents, what do you think i should do:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. clemance will be slouching with no veining/stretch marks...or swift.....
  3. any other thoughts?
  4. I think you run the risk on the veining and you can't control that with togo. It seems that veining really comes in waves. Sometimes we see gorgeous leather without veining and then all of a sudden bags are coming in with lots of veins.

    If you are worried about this you should go with clemence.
  5. Guccigal explained it perfectly!

    If you want slouching without veins then clemence. If you don't mind the chance of veins with less chance of slouching, although not guaranteed, then togo is what you want

    The size of the bag bears no relation to how pronounced the veins would be and generally speaking veins don't show as much on paler colours anyway

    I have a 35 black togo Birkin which has just two very faint veins
  6. thanks guccigal,kellybag, and mooks for your input. i guess i'll take a chance with togo, and hope it does not turn out to be too veiny!