40cm HAC vs. 50cm HAC


Feb 11, 2008
I love my ginormous 50 cm HAC, but my sister is not so sure. Does anyone have any pics comparing a 40 cm HAC to a 50 cm HAC with any modelling pics so we can see them in proportion to a body. I heard they make a 60 cm but could this be true? I am afraid to ask my SA and sound like some kind of idiot lol. If you have pics of the fabled 60 cm please include them too.

We looked under Hermes Styles but most were in the 30 cm range with a few 40's. How about a thread for just 40's vs. 50 cm HACs. That would really help her make her decision....and cause me to buy another one lol! And if someone has both a 40 and a 50 and could put them side by side that would be perfect!

Thanks ladies!:tup: