40cm birkin????

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  1. I am contemplating my next Birkin. I currently have a 35cm and I am thinking of moving up to the 40cm. I am 5'7" with a broad build. I would love you see some pics of ladies with their 40cm.

    Any advice on what type of leather goes better with this bigger bag?
    Any regrets about getting thr 40cm?
  2. Hi Candace

    40 cm birkins are usually available at the stores. They are less in demand coz they look better on tall(er) women (or men). Suggest that you try one to feel if it suits you or is too heavy? It would look more like a weekend or carryall instead of a handbag. There are some pictures of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy with her 40cm birkin in the stars and their hermes thread. You may want to take a look there
  3. candace, the picture in my signature shows an orange croc 40 birkin toted by a friend (middle). she's about 5'4" but with a bubbly personality that she can pull off carrying big bags and piles big jewelry! she also has a 40 thalassa birkin in togo usually for travelling. you may like it considering your height!
  4. Good to know. I am considering a 40cm Birkin in black Togo. I am tall so I should be able to pull it off.
  5. Hi
    I have a 40 black togo and though I love it, it is really heavy....really heavy. It was my first one, and though I don't regret it I have only bought 35 since. I am 5'8 and it looks great, not too big, but it really is useless when you are running errands or shopping, it is far to heavy.
  6. Thanks NRN
  7. i won't use 40 as everyday bag. if i travel, then i may use 40. i'm not that strong, hehe.
  8. Candace, I like 40 cm bags in togo or fjord. To me, it serves more like like a travel bag so it should be kind of "heavy duty" if you know what I mean.
  9. Candace, I'm your height and I had 3 Birkins 40, 2 of which I bought 10 years ago when I was younger and stronger! I used them then as every day bags, and they were fine, now I've sold them 'cause they are too heavy for me.... I think that if you like big bags and you don't mind the weight, 40 is fine.....
  10. Uhhh am 5'1 ! I think 40 cm is too big?! But will be good on tall people!!!
  11. Never again loved it but the weight is unbearable and the proportions are more manly in my personal way of looking at them .hope it helps doll .birkel.
  12. If you are used to 35s, it's not that much of a jump to get the 40 - I was surprised how proportionate it looked on me. I'm tall, but kind of lanky.

    If you're used to 30s, you might be shocked at first lol
  13. I am 5'10" size 6 and carry a 40 Kelly clemence daily, I also have a 35 box Kelly sellier, which actually seems small to me. Last time I was in H there was a girl purchasing a 40 Birkin fjord, she was probably 5'6" or 5'7". It looked great on her. I got to talking to her and she let me model it. Up until that point I had always assumed that if I got a Birkin I would get a 35, after trying this one I personally wouldn't carry anything smaller on a day to day basis. The 40 B didn't seem overly heavy to me, buy I am probably just used to my big Kelly.
  14. this is a very old thread from 2006! but i suppose all the issues about weight still holds true today!

    be forewarned, it is heavy! except maybe in box or epsom!
  15. Hmmm I just wanted to add I'm tallish but on the thin side and I felt the weight and odd shape but mostly because I am a 35 and 30cm fan in all bags 35 cm also 40cm is on the fashionable side right now because of the general look and feel it has so don't become influenced too much in the end the bag will work for you if the bag works for you .