40cm birkin!!

  1. Since I couldn't find any photos of people who are showing their birkins,,,can you please post your photo (if possible) of your 40 cm birkin along with your body so I can have an estimation how big it is on me. If possible, along with your 35 if you own one. an opened/closed top of the birkin would be great!:tup:

    Im' about 5'4 - 5'5 ish.

    and if you have any recommendations, please feel free to inform me!!
    thank you!!!
  2. My avatar is my 40 Birkin....I think in the reference section there are size comparisons.
  3. I'm 5'2 and yes, the 40 is big but that's how I like my bags.
  4. i'm 5'5, 115 lbs and the 40cm looks like a good medium size bag on me. people usually think its a 35cm. given your height i definitely think you can work a 40cm birkin. the only thing bad about this bag is that it can get a bit heavy.
  5. thats one gorgeous bag!!! what leather is it?
    Im getting my first hermes maybs end of next year!
    I hope they;; put me on the list!
    was your hermes hard to get? especially 40cm?
    which size is harder to get? 35 or 40?
  6. oh i forgot to ask you if you normally wear heels? If you're more a flats type of girl then I would say get the 40cm only if you like ur bags big. If you're in heels then the 40cm can look like a med. size bag on you if you usually wear heels that are around 3 inches.

    I'm naturally 5'5 but I'm a heels type of girl. I am almost always in heels that are around 3 inch.
  7. I love both flats and heels!

    do you know if 40cm is hard to get? as in hard to put it ona list?
    should I get potiron or blue jean....for size 40?

  8. Hey 40 is a great size...(I'm a guy and 182cm so I can't help you with the size reference)
    Although I agree with luxlover that it can get quite heavy, I have the black togo and it is a bit, but nothing unbearable...and I have the feeling that is deeper than the 35s I tried on at the store!!! Hope I'm right...
    If you can, go for the "light" leathers and something rigid because it can get sloppy..also I have the feeling that it has a more structured base than the other sizes...again correct me if I'm wrong ladies!
    Good luck with your choice!
  9. thanks bagmaniac!
    It's not about the weight problem that Im worrying about. I just dont want to get swallowed by it. I just fell in love L.Lohan's potiron 40cm! I dont think it's too big for her. I mean, I think it's a perfect oversized tote!
    dont you agree??:p
  10. I have a 40cm fjord black birkin. I'm taller than you (5'9") it looks great in both flats and heals. Although, it is a heavy bag and I'm careful what I load it up with because of the amount of space, it is easy to fill it up; even with the "kitchen sink". :smile: In otherwords, I won't even put my MacBook in it (don't want tennis elbow injury and have to retire the bag). My two-cents worth.
  11. uhm..i think the 35cm is usually a hit harder to get since its the "average" size that everyone wants.

    The 2 colors you've narrowed it down to are both great pop colors.

    I have a blue jean birkin myself as you can see from my pic...so obviously I love the BJ color.

    Orange is also a great color though and its the color of H.

    hahaha tough choices....maybe you can get a 40cm in one color and later on get a 35cm in the other color?
  12. yea that's what I was thinking lux! OK, this is my BIG H plan...
    I'll get 35 or 40 in potiron; then I'll get 40cm in black GHW for travel; and a Blue Roi ostrich 35; and blue jean in 35!! the rest...I dont know... those four are my MUST-HAVE H bag!!!!!teeeheee

    liness!!can I beg you to post a pic of your black 40 cm with your body for measurement from every angle? please..?:tender:

    thank you somuch!!!!
  13. anyone?willing to model yourself with your 40cm birkin? *begging*
  14. I was finally able to post... here is me modeling when I first got it.
    I use the 40cm in 2 ways:
    first, as a bag for meetings, when it does have a tendency to get heavy. though, I believe it is better to schlep in one bag as opposed to several (ie. laptop bag, briefcase, handbag).
    Secondly, also as a handbag. Now this is when I never overload it. Just a few things: wallet, sun/glasses cases, lipstick, and maybe another item. I enjoy trotting about town when it's lighter.
    Hermes 40cm modeling.jpg
    I love your bag!! it is big hey?
    I guess I'll just get size 35...since I havent even graduated yet, I dont think I need such a big bag...
    BUT, if 35 is hard to get, then I'll just change to 40.
    besides, I love both sizes but I dont want to get the same colour.