40cm Birkin owners...opinions/thoughts please

  1. I am considering a 40cm black chevre Birkin (PHW) and would like opinions on size and weight. I loved my 32cm chevre HAC when I had it and the weight was fine. Just wondering what others have felt about the size and how it worked for you.

    As an FYI, I'm 5'5" but always in heels and am definitely a lover of big bags. The bigger the better! :yes:

  2. I also would like to hear from 40cm owners - do you use these primarily as tote/work bags?
  3. Depends, I've seen some executive types with a 40 as a briefcase.
  4. I am 5'7" and had one a few years ago. I found it was too deep (I think maybe 8") so its an awkward shape to use as a briefcase. Also, its heavy when filled up, although I didnt consider that a big problem.
    In hindsight, I am a little sorry I parted with it, but I do have to admit, I get much more use out of the briefcase.
  5. Hi AuthenticLux..I have a VGA 40CM Birkin and its def. not too big given all the other brands out there. And yes, it is a little heavy so it's not for an all day excursion. I'm 5'6" and usually wear flats so its just fine.

    Plus chevre may be lighter than VGA...

    I wouldn't discourage you
  6. wow!!!! Go for it!!! 40cm in chevre is a dream come true for me!! please post pictures when you get it! Thats a real rare treasure you are gonna get
  7. Thanks for all your input. Let's hope things come through and the Hermes gods smile upon me in a few weeks!;)
  8. 40cm is perfect for people who put 'everything' in their bags. It will definitely have to be chevre - mysore or coromandel is really a preference thing, I guess.

    And the leather is soooo light. But very rigid...so if you're not a structured bag kinda gal, you may not like it all that much.
  9. I use mine as an everyday tote. I take it to work and I take it while running errands on the weekends. The only time I havent carried it is going out as it is too big for evenings. The size is perfect for me and is not out of line with my other large tote bags from Chanel. Mine is in Clemence...filled with stuff it can be a bit heavy but I don't mind it...generally all my bags are heavy so I dont notice much difference.
  10. I once had a 40cm Black Birkin in Fjord. I am 5'8 and the proportions were great and it did not look too much bigger than a 35 cm, but boy was that bag heavy even if it was not filled.
  11. I have a 40cm bag that I use for work. I can stuff so many things in it that it's a dream. I also use it when I travel and the weight doesn't bother me too much because I can plop it on top of my wheeled luggage and it works just fine. It the lighter leathers they'd be perfect. I hope you get the one you want :smile:
  12. I have all my birkins in 40cm, which I think it's the perfect size for me (though it is a little heavy when you have to carry it all day long) but the size is great for work (as in the fashion business) and remember Birkin mean to be a Big bag (35cm or above), that was the whole idea of launching a keepall handheld bag

  13. CC, can I ask how tall you are ? I bought my first 2 Birkins about 10 years ago, and they were both 40, it seemed the most popular size back then; now I find them too heavy and bulky to use as an every day bag, so I've changed to 35's. (I'm about 5'7)
  14. oops, sorry to say i'm only 5'6 but being a guy i think i shouldnt touch anything smaller than a 40cm, and all i have been buying and ordering are 40cm

  15. Oh, right, yes for a guy a 40 is right, 35 would be too small. Thanks CC!