£4000 for a Mulberry bag?

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  1. Why not get yourself a Bay with teapots on?
    For a little less, you can get a Lily with the same teapots on:

    Sorry if these bags have already been mentioned here, I only noticed them today.
    And no, I will not be buying any of them :P
  2. #2 Nov 3, 2010
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2010
    That link just takes me to the main site but that sounds insane.
  3. :wtf::faint:
  4. that is pricey.
    Perfect for the teapartymovement in the us? :nuts:
  5. To me this is just incredible, but one can't get everything can you :nuts:
  6. prefer the oak bays with little leopards!!!! But no- I wouldn't buy a Mulberry for that price!
  7. WTF? I don't get it £4000 you must be joking! The ostrich bays used to be £3000 so we need to pay them £1000 to ruin a perfectly good bag with teapot studs!?
  8. Heehee I agree BMB, I actually dont mind the teapots as they just look like studs for a distance but what an absolutely obscene price lol.

    The leopards are cute too, but again, a grand for sticking some studs on a regular oak bays - yeah right lol :biggrin:
  9. What a price! I would rather buy non mulberry sparkly jewelry for that money! xx
  10. Totally insane! They must think they can sell any old cr*p. I love the brand but I think they've lost it - in more ways than one...
  11. I think they look like they have some medieval diseases:confused1:
  12. Oh dear, I don't likey. And the sensible side of me imagines lots of snags on clothing!

    That's an awful lot of money just for extra teapots :lol:
  13. ^ So are we saying, its not our cup of tea then lol ;)
  14. My first thoughts too!

    Both the teapots and the leopards look cute and quirky but the price :nuts:
  15. Good one! :lol: