$400 To Spend, What To Do?!?!?!?!

  1. I have a $400 gift card that is burning a hole in my pocket!!!!! What should I get?!?!

    I just got a 2nd Carly and the only thing I can think of that I've been craving is new Sunnies. I need inspiration girls!

    :nuts: <--- this little guy cracks me up every time!
  2. hhmmm if you don't have anything in mind you could wait and see what the get in and another pce should be rolling around soon... :graucho:
  3. My vote goes to ERGO!!!!! This is my favorite line that Coach has come out with! They are very comfortable bags that look beautiful on the shouler at the same time!!! Good luck!!!!!
  4. Hey, sunglasses are a great idea! You'll need them soon enough...
  5. The pool patent ergo! I am not a fan of ergo's but that one is beautiful!!!!
  6. if there's nothing out there catching you eye right now, I would wait until the new Ergos and new Legacy spring lines come out. Maybe just buy a keyfob or sunglasses for now and save the rest???
  7. Wow, sucks to be you! LOL, just kidding! ;)

    If there's nothing you like right now don't waste your credit on something you don't love just for the sake of buying something. Been there done that and lived to regret it.
  8. I would wait for the new catalog (is it in March?). There may also be another PCE - then you can get more!!
  9. i would get the new hamptons stripe bag. i am waiting for it to come out...hoping that i get another PCE and then i'll use the Visa gift cards my mom gave me. other wise going to get it @ macys with the gift cards i have there. :supacool:
  10. Wow! Lucky you! I would totally get a pair of sunglasses and then maybe save the rest untill you find something you want.
  11. I would check out the Heritage Stripe stuff that is coming out! The pond patent Ergos as gorgeous as well!
  12. Take a look at your collection and see if anything is "missing"... for example, if you have a bunch of black and brown/khaki bags, maybe what's missing from the collection is a bag with color so you could get something red, blue, pink, etc. Or if you have a bunch of signature bags, maybe you could get a leather bag (and vice versa).

    What type of bags do you like??
  13. Good suggestion, I think I need leather.

    Maybe the Green Madeline???
  14. If you have an outlet near by I would go check it out! You will get so much bang for your buck and they have such great items right now.

    They have ergos, legacy pieces, bleeker, signature stripe, and hamptons satchels!

    Instead of getting one bag you could end up getting 3 or more!
  15. Bleeker flap!