$400 store credit - blk or wht patent ergo?

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  1. Ok, I have not been a fan of the ergo since it came out. It seems so "un-coach-ish" to me - I don't want to be negative about a style that others here love, but I think the hobo is starting to grow on me??? I have a $400 store credit for a bag I had to return without a receipt and I think I may go for either the black or the white patent ergo. I tried one on at the store and it really is ergonomical - it is lightweight and stayed on my shoulder and is really roomy. What do you think - black or white? Your help and comments are appreciated!
  2. I like black because I'm too paranoid about the white getting dirty. White is a good color if you can be extra caring.
  3. Red!!!
  4. Do they have red??
  5. yes they do its orderable

    oops i mean.. i have the last one.. and i ll exchange it for.. ur poppy handbag!!! hehe *evil laugh*

    just kidding.. u can get it through the 1800 number i think
  6. It also comes in Mahogany which is a deep brown color.
    Good luck deciding.
  7. I vote white or red.
  8. the white....one of my best friends and I spent a lot of time with both last weekend...and she ended up with the white...we decided it was more special....and btw...some macy's have the irelands in the matching white patent....to die for!!!!
  9. Jennifer, you have a lot of white bags! Let me guess, you like white bags? LOL

    I would consider the red or the brown if I had your collection :smile:

    Please post pics when you get yours (and model it pls)
  10. One tpfer posted pics of her red patent hobo and it is AH-MA-ZING! Maybe you should take a look first?:P
  11. Ever since I seen that picture w/ Gisele Bunchen wearing the black ergo, I fell in love. It's Gorgeous.
  12. black or red!
  13. black or red
  14. Wow you have a lot of bags ! I would say maybe you could wait to see what will be out for fall but if you can buy a bag then anyway and this credit is burning the proverbial hole in your pocket/wallet then go for the color you think you would wear most or don't have that color the most in in your other bags. I think they are cute and love all the colors !
  15. Hmmm, now I have added red or turquoise (non-patent) to my list...life is so hard!!! :crybaby:(just kidding of course)