'40-Year-Old Virgin' Actor Arrested Near San Diego ..Girlfriend Stabbed 20 Times

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  1. OCEANSIDE, Calif. - An actor who appeared in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" has been arrested for investigation of attempted murder after his former girlfriend was stabbed more than 20 times, leaving her critically injured, authorities said Tuesday.

    Shelley Malil, 43, was arrested Monday in Oceanside when he got off a train from Los Angeles, Lt. Phil Brust of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department said in a statement. Malil had come to Oceanside to meet his attorney, who along with family and friends had persuaded him to turn himself in, police said.
    On Sunday night, about 15 miles east in San Marcos, deputies answering reports of screams for help and breaking glass found a woman with multiple stab wounds and cuts on her face.
    She was listed in critical condition Monday morning, but authorities did not know her condition early Tuesday.
    "Malil and the victim had apparently been in a dating relationship which recently ended," the statement said.
    Malil was arrested for investigation of attempted murder, mayhem and burglary, the statement said.
    A deputy on duty early Tuesday did not know the name of Malil's lawyer and attempts to identify a lawyer and reach him for comment were unsuccessful.
    Malil played one of star Steve Carell's co-workers in "The 40-Year-Old-Virgin," and has appeared in dozens of TV shows including "NYPD Blue" and "Scrubs."

  2. I hope his ex-girlfriend is doing okay..
  3. Jeesh.. People are crazy.
  4. OMG.. crazy.. I hope she will be ok!
  5. Yikes!
  6. Wow...
  7. Woah!
  8. omg!!!!!!
  9. :wtf: whoa! I hope she's ok...
  10. Geez... I've definitely seen him in stuff before.
    He f**cked up big time, I wonder what set him off... I hope the girl is going to make it, this sounds really bad.
  11. Best wishes for the girl
  12. Yikes!!!
  13. Good God...you never know about people, do you?
  14. WOW! Some people just snap which makes it all the more scary. I hope she is doing ok.