Books & Music 40 year anniversary of Beatles' White Album

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  1. ...feel free to move to celeb section if appropriate...

    After a long-needed coffee break at work today a few of us started googling Beatles songs. For many, they bring back huge memories. For a few of us here on tPF our PARENTS have memories of this iconic album. The White Album was released in...1968!!

    I have this in my CD collection and not many of us have this on (warped?) vinyl or otherwise? Any memories? A co-worker of mine has a copy on vinyl...still shrink wrapped. Who knows, maybe someday that'll be worth a mint.

    What stands out for me on this album? Huge road trippin' memories:

    - Back in the U.S.S.R.
    - Helter Skelter
    - Birthday
    - Revolution 1
    - Ob-la-di Ob-la-da

    Other memories? :wlae:
  2. Yay!!! I love this album so much, wow, it holds so many memories for me of my twenties (BTW I wasn't twenty when it came out, I was born several years after it was released :P).

    Blackbird (reminds me of when I first met my husband as he used to play it on the guitar)
    Sexy Sadie
    Dear Prudence
    Happiness Is A Warm Gun
    I could go on and on- I love it all...

    This album also really reminds me of my best friend, as we would always lie in bed listening to it and chatting for hours, until it was light outside, after going clubbing, back when we were students.

    Great thread- it has brought a big smile to my face.
  3. I was just listening to this yesterday! I have the album on vinyl and on cd.

    I've listened to this album my whole life and I remember singing "Piggies" with my mom as a kid and obviously having no idea what it was about!

    My husband thinks it's funny to sing "Why Don't We Do it in the Road" sometimes after we've been "intimate."

    "Don't Pass Me By" is my favorite Beatles song. I know I'm going to get stoned for saying my favorite Beatles song is from Ringo but I just can't help it!
  4. ^ I love Ringo! I think he's fab. My other fav beatle is Paul. :tender: I actually took a whole quarter long class on the Beatles - best class ever!

    I would LOVE to own the White Album (or Sgt Pepper's) on vinyl!

    Birthday...Back in the many great songs on that CD.
  5. I love "Don't Pass Me By"! My parents owned the white album on vinyl but it has some how gotten lost over the years. I absolutely love The Beatles. They always take me to a warm fuzzy place when I'm feeling down. If push came to shove, I would have to pick "Rocky Racoon" as my fave song on the White Album. Guess it's just the way Paul sings it. No wait, "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". Oh jeez, I can't pick!:shrugs:
    This thread has just reminded me I need to call my friend that re-introduced me to The Beatles.
  6. My all-time favorite Beatles song is on the White Album, but it is not well known at all! Martha, My Dear. I was so smitten with the song, I recorded a version of it for violin and piano with my ex. :lol::love:
  7. "While my Guitar Gently Weeps" is my ABSOLUTE favorite Beatles song ever! I could cry just thinking about it!! It reminds my of when I had no responsiblilties!
  8. ^ I love WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS and I consider it one of the best Beatles' song together with Norvegian wood!
    Back to this album, I like very much also Happiness is a warm gun too!!
    Thanks for this post!! :flowers:
  9. Dusty and Aklein, thanks for supporting my Ringo love! I agree, though, that "My Guitar..." is a phenominal song (as is "Julia").
  10. We should start a We Love Ringo thread! :jammin: I just broke out my White Album and am totally rocking out.
  11. my dad has two copies of the white album. one for playing and one completely shrink wrapped! he's a beatles nut. he has every album. and i've inherited his love for the oldies.

    fave songs:
    while my guitar gently weeps
    martha my dear (my bf's favorite beatles song)
    i will (no mention of it so far. it's such a cute song.)

    to my fellow bbagers ahertz, dusty paws, and aklein - my favorite beatle is ringo too! i'm sensing a pattern. :P
  12. LOL! I've been listening to the Beatles so much lately! my DH has a bunch of albums--I think Abby Road might be my fav and of course the White album, gosh and we can't forget sgt. pepper and magical mystery tour.....good stuff!!
  13. what do you girls think of the LOVE album?
  14. My mom has the white album from when she was a teenager! Actually she has two. When she was younger, she lent it to her friend and the friend thought she lost it, so she bought her a replacement, then she ended up finding the original one. One of them is hanging on the wall now lol.
    Anyway, I love some of the songs, they're so timeless.

    dusty paws- wow, a class on the Beatles? I bet that was fun!
  15. We were chuckling about this again at work. Unfortunately one of our accountants has a name which falls beautifully into "The continuing Story of Bungalow Bill" lyrics and rhythm to a T. And with it month-end/quarter-end, he's in the spotlight...we break into song again....I know we are twisted.
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