40% SALE at Blake Chicago

  1. Ladies,

    Looks like Christmas came early this year for us.

    Blake in Chicago has (almost) everything on SALE, 40% off.
    (I got the number from the reputable stores carrying Balenciaga thread, so no worries because they are authentic)

    I was so happy that I totally forgot to ask the SA's name. She told me the sale started yesterday with a whooping 40% off.


    I ordered a RH Part Time in Camel. I was torn between a PT and a Cornflower Day. So yes, the Cornflower Day is waiting. LOL. They still have Couriers in Pale Rose, the Pony Firsts, PT, Work, Weekender, etc. She told me they have A LOT on sale so just call.

    This is their number:
    Blake Chicago - (312) 202-0047

    PS: let us all know what you purchased :graucho:
  2. i am going to call, too...i will report back!
  3. ps--- thanks for posting!
  4. Thanks for posting! I called and just to clarify...THE GH BAGS ARE NOT ON SALE. Thanks again :smile:
  5. Thanks for clarifying shmigadoodle!
  6. I just called and was told Balenciaga is NOT on sale.:tdown:
  7. hMmm.. I just called.. and the SA said that there was misinformation given.. and that non be of the bBags were on sale..:shrugs:
  8. It was on sale. I just called. :confused1:
  9. oh sad :sad:
  10. Yeah I just received the call and the SA kept saying sorry.

    Oh well. :crybaby:
  11. thank you! will be there this weekend!
  12. well, thanks for trying to share the wealth, at least!
  13. So just to clarify, the SAs got confused and started selling Bbags for 40% off but they weren't supposed to? Bummer!

    Thanks for posting anyway!
  14. I just gave them a call for a Day, City, or First. Not a ton of stock in those styles They have the blue Day. No Firsts. A white City. (though now I may have gotten the City & First info mixed up.) I didn't ask about other styles, but maybe they have more in the bigger bags. The SA I got on the phone didn't seem super-excited to tell me what was in stock, so I only asked about a few. Good luck to everyone - hope people find some good bargains.
  15. err scratch that...