40% off unrepairable bag and they KEEP the bag?

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  1. I was at the Factory Store the other day and noticed a girl bringing in a bag. She said it had problems, (I don't know what was wrong with it) and ended up buying another bag with a discount. We got to talking before she left and she said they gave her the discount but kept the bag.

    Is this the policy because her old damaged bag was Factory???
  2. That seems strange. I always thought they returned the bag with the 40% letter. They do keep the bag if they give full credit for it.
  3. I have an old heritage stripe tote with the color transfer on the handles. I took it to the full price store and they said they would give me 40% off my next bag and I got to keep the bag.
  4. ^ For color transfer? super cool that they did that but I would not consider color transfer a manufacturing defect.

  5. Just wanted to mention that the bag was evaluated at the store, it was never sent any where.
  6. My heritage stripe bag was one of the old pink ones with cloth handles. The color transfer was not from me or my clothes. The pink leather dye from the bag itself rubbed off all over the handles. They said it was because it wasn't sealed properly.
  7. I had a factory bag that was evaluated at a Coach Boutique and they gave me an automatic 40% off my next bag and gave me the damaged bag back.
  8. It's happened to my sister - they stamp the creed-patch thing (sorry, don't know if there's a proper name for it!) and give it back
  9. You have to tell Coach you want the bag back. And if you do get it back, unrepaired, I am not sure you still get the letter. You used to get the bag back and the letter.
  10. It seems like it is a case by case basis now. I got my bag back and a 30% off letter yesterday at the boutique.
  11. Why 30%? Is the letter now 30% instead of 40%?

    oh gotcha! I thought your were talking about color transfer from clothing.
  12. if they give you the 40% discount then they give you the bag back. But if you get full credit, you don't get it back.