40% off True Religion, Sevens, Citizens, Frankie B & more...........L@@k!!

  1. Ok friends, my friend has another great code for you all. Here is the info:

    The code is HOLIDAYST and it's good for 40% off the site. It expires 12/24
    @midnight. If US orders are placed by Wed evening, they will be
    upgraded to Priority shipping at no charge and should arrive before
    Christmas (Thurs evening for West Coast).

  2. Thanks for the heads-up! Unfortunately, I'm on spending-ban until after Christmas ;_;
  3. There are some very nice True rel jeans for men there...I'm surprised. There are some current season items that no one else is discounting. I would pick one up but I've been hammered to death at Bloomies and Barney's in the past few weeks =-\ Gotta save what I have left now for final cut sale. But for anyone who is interested they have the animated white stich Billy T lines for men.....several sizes avail...
  4. Thanks for the code Tracy!
  5. just talked to my friend and she extended the code.........so now it expires 1/4/08!! YAY!
  6. MAN i wish i had more money =/

  7. don't we all?? :yes:
  8. Drat I missed this!
  9. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. NOPE, CODE VALID TILL 1/4/08!!
  11. Just checking...since I never heard of them; they are authentic correct? I had a bad experience with popdenim.com on some rock and republics!
  12. totally authentic. It's actually my friends company and I can totally vouch for her, I've even been down to the True Religion and Blue Tattoo showrooms in LA w/her.
  13. do they make true religion jeans for short people? I been checking these out lately and find they all have big inseams..
  14. unfortunately they don't, you just have to get them altered. I am 5'7 girl and usually I can get them to work out okay for me after washing but lately they have been making them for supermodels! I tried on a pair the other day at Nordies that had to be at least 36". I mean who the heck is really that tall?? I think the average woman is around 5'4: http://www.wonderquest.com/size-women-us.htm .