40% off True Religion, Frankie B, Seven Jeans and more!!

  1. Hi all, my friend has her own clothing shop and she is having a great sale right now and came up with a discount code just for my purse forum friends!

    She needs to make room for all the fabulous winter/holiday goodies that are coming in so she's offering 40% off everything on her site right now!! :yahoo:

    Yep, you heard right - 40% off the entire purchase, including marked down/sale items!
    Use code: FALLSALE-PF at checkout. But hurry and shop cuz the code expires 10/19/07 and you want to get the stuff before your sizes sell out.

    Please note that due to the awesome discount, all sales are final!!

  2. Nice of your friend! Bummer that the ONE thing I found on there is out of stock!! :nogood:
  3. if some of you are unsure on your sizing, feel free to email her and ask her. She said she is more than willing to help out so that you get the right size.
  4. awesome! thank you.
  5. great! Thank you.
  6. Is everything on this website 100% authentic? thanks
  7. ^ yes, the owner of the shop is actually on another forum i belong to. everything is 110% authentic.
  8. thanks!! gonna have to check this out!
  9. thanks so much for letting us know about this! i ended up getting a couple of true religion hoodies and a pair of their jeans (which i already have about 10 of...but who can have enough?? especially at THOSE prices??) :shame:. all, for 3 hundred something, which is really a great deal! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: thanks again!

  10. girl, you need more!! I have about 30 and I totally agree - YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH!! hehe. :tup:
  11. ahhhh, you are one of those that i cannot keep up a friendship with! :nogood: hehehe...jean addictions...sigh...so scary!
    oh! and i forgot to mention that i also got the blue tattoo dragon shirt, all included in that deal, so it was even more of a steal for 3 hundred something! :wlae::wlae:
  12. Oh man, that's really nice of your friend to give us our own code to use! I was sooo tempted to buy some Sevens, but I had to resist since I'm trying to cut down on shopping/spending so much.

    Hope your friend has a code for us in the future...
  13. Yay!! I just bought a new pair of TRs!! Im soooo bad :p
  14. Oooh, great promotional sale! Especially since Seven and True Religion are usually excluded from discount codes!

    oh and she carries men's true religions too, so get your hubby a pair!!