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  1. I've about had it with this site. I am trying to buy a bag for my neice. It refuses to confirm my order. I must have tried 20 times and it keeps sending me pack to the payment page where I have to put in my info AGAIN. Last time I had trouble too. And Lo and behold...nowhere is there a place to find a phone number. I did write them but the code only lasy till the 29th and who knows when they'll answer.
  2. Hi Lexie: I also had this problem, and what I was doing was not checking the payment block (easy to miss)..
    Where it says PLEASE SELECT in the payment screen, if you don't actually click in one of the circles that is to the right of credit card info, it keeps looping you back to enter your information..and even if you type in credit card info, you have to click on the AUTHORIZE NET corresponding circle...at least that's what happened with me, and voila, no more problems. Hope this helps...
  3. What a mess! It's all worked out but right after I did all that looping in the site, my hubby (merely by coinsidence) was checking the credit card I used online. He asked me if I had gone nuts and bought 1000 worth of purses that day, 16 to be exact!!! I wrote 3 scathing letters to the site and in minutes the lady (Tanya) called me back. She is familiar with TPF and mentioned you Diamond Girl. She got it all straightened out. Said it is because my credit card address and my shipping address wasn't EXACTLY the same. I wasn't putting on the last 4 digit postal numbers. So it was accepting my order everytime but never completing it. The orders and charges will be denied because of the address descrepency and in 3 days my credit charges will show as denied. I NOW have her personal phone number just in case! Tread carefully while shopping this boutique. Very nice lady but there are glitches. Geesh, just wanted a little bag for my neice. I'm SOOOOO glad I'm not getting 16 of them.
  4. !! Wow, I'm sorry that happened to you! I haven't ever had quite that problem and Tanya has always emailed promptly if I send her a note. I still like the site but will be sure to check my credit card in future just in case.
    Glad it worked out for you.