40% off sale today only-- Lauren Merkin, Botkier, Bulga!

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  1. Hey girls--

    I just got an e-mail stating that everything at www.ishopblush.com is 40% off for the day. You enter WINTER05 at checkout to get the discount.

    They've got some nice bags from Bulga, Botkier and Lauren Merkin. I think I'm going to order the Lauren Merkin "Valerie" bag, as I'm looking for a roomy tote. Just a heads up!
  2. I love the botiker convertable bag but no returns so I wouldn't even consider it.
  3. Hey girls--

    Maybe the one day off thing was incorrect-- I went to the website today, and it looks like everything is still 40% off. Just a heads up!

  4. Oooh, those earrings are nice!