40% off sale Capitol Clothing, Durham, NC

  1. As of 10:15 a.m. today, they had a white first ("small motorcycle bag"), lilac first, and "an extra small motorcycle bag" left on sale. I think that one was white too. Not sure what kind of bag that is. I didn't ask what new bags they had in stock.
  2. ooooh do you have their contact number by chance? thanksss
  3. 704-552-8987
  4. Hmm...I called and asked if they had ANYTHING in lilac this afternoon and they said no.
  5. Maybe it was bought? This morning, the SA said she had "a small light purple motorcycle bag" left.
  6. I was so busy, that didn't have time to call them today. Will call them tomorrow to see if they still have anything left. Oh, I wish they will still have the white first.
  7. I just called and they have nothing left, which is good :rolleyes: Bag ban SUX :crybaby: